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coltonsgirl - February 15

well me and my boyfriend are fifteen. we have had s_x 4 times and each time without a condum. i have bine throughing up daylee and i cant eat because i just through it back up. i dont no if i am but i hope so. we want a baby so tell me what you think.


ashchik - February 15

could you please explain to me why you want a baby so young??? im 17 and pregnant myself but i wasnt trying or anything


Corrine321 - February 15

Okay, not trying to be rude or anything... but why would you WANT a baby at the age at 15... im 15 myself and im 22 weeks pregnant.. it was my first time ever having s_x and i got pregnant! i didnt think it would ever happen to me you know.. and look... just think you cant do anything... your gonna be with your baby! the baby is gonna be the top thing in your life! So just make the right decision!! okay!! and if you are i guess "Congrats!" if you ever need to talk then just send me an e-mail [email protected] okay!!


maren - February 15

well you dont give us much information to "tell you" if you may or may not be. When was your last period?? when are you due for your next period?? Throwing up daily doesn't mean you are pregnant, for all you know you can havethe flu or something. Im just curious how are you and your boyfriend going to pay for a baby? How are you both going to finish school, aford day care so both of you can work and go to school. Can you afford the hospital costs of giving birth to a baby? And are you both ready to give up most of your social lives, babies come first. Im not just saying this to be mean im saying this to help you start thinking about the thousands of questions you will have to answer if you are pregnant. I know i have been thinking of them and im 19. Im seriously wondering how im going to afford daycare for while im at school and at work. Daycare is so darn expensive it kinda sucks.


jg - February 16

Do a test, it is the only way to know for sure.


coltonsgirl - February 16

well im coltons girl all of you want to no why. my mom dos drugs my dad is abusive and i will be able to move out and i will be able to marri colton my boyfriend. i wasnt trying to get preg but i did and me and my boyfriend are so happy.


Gaby - February 16

it doesnt make sense that you are saying you werent trying to when you wrote before that you and your boyfriend both wanted one and what do you mean you werent trying but you did when you were just asking us if you were. how long have you 2 been together?


coltonsgirl - February 16

well we wernt trying we said if it happend than it happend and today i went and got tested and i am preg and i am so happy


coltonsgirl - February 16

we have bine together for 15 mounths


Gaby - February 16

i guess theres no point of telling you now that its not a good enough reason but i am happy for you although i dont think having a baby is gonna make things better and i said the exact same thing to one of my friends who is kind of going through the same thing as you. i mean i have been with my boyfreinf for 2 years and 10 months and i love him to death and of course i would want to have his baby but just not know, not like this and by that i mean cause im still in school i know what i want as my career and having a baby does not fit in with the way i want things to be. honestly if you werent i wouldve told you to wait and i would tell you everything else that i think about to realize that i dont want a baby now.its kind of weird that im telling you all of this cuz i think i might be and im just waiting for my period to come


coltonsgirl - February 16

im sorry i hope it comes soon


maren - February 17

congradulations have you made your first doctors appointment yet?



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