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afraid to show name - June 7

Ok me and my boyfriend had s_x and when we were done we realized that the condom like went up a little and when he came some was out the condom.... we dont know if any got on me or not. my period is like a week over due and i get slight cramps. I'm 16 turning 17 and i'm really scared. do you think i could be pregnant. and if i go to the doctors and check positive what should i do have an abortion? is it possible for me to not be able to have children or have dificulties having one in the future? sorry i am asking so many questions about this but i really need to know we dont learn this at my school


daniella - June 7

Well if ur a week late i suggest taking a home pregnancy test. Your not 100% safe even when the condom doesn't break and such, therefor i say it is definitly possible that u may be pregnant. So yes, take a test to relieve your mind. And if you are pregnant, yes you could get an abortion, or you could give it up for adoption( there are many women who want but can't have children) or you could just keep it. I dont think getting an abortion would inhibit you from getting pregnant in the future, but in my opinion i don't think they sound very healthy for your body. Don't worry about asking so many questions, how would u know unless u asked them? I hope i've helped a little bit, and remember, if u r, it is ur body and u dont have to do anything unless u want to. It's ur decision. Good luck!


the person who asked the Q - June 8

ummm is cramps a sign of pregnancy cuz i usually dont get cramps. I cant afford a pregnancy test...what should i do...i cant get my health card and go to the doctor because my mom would want to know why i am going and i cant let her know she would kill me =[ WHAT SHOULD I DO!!!!!!!!


hello - June 8

Go to your nearest planned parenthood. the people at the clinic will give you a test and an exam. If you are not pregnant. They will give you some birth control. Good luck!!


hello - June 8

Planned parenthood won't charge you. Also, the dollar store sell pregnancy tests for cheap.


daniella - June 8

ok, well. Wat a screwy situation for u eh? Pregnancy tests arent that expensive, "the first response test" which is the one i used, only cost me 13$, and i live in Canada, so if u live in the states it would probably be cheaper there. Or u could borrow the money from a friend u trust, or confide in an adult u trust , they would help u out. Another thing u could do is go to ur school nurse( if u have one ) and im sure she/he would give u a test and they must be confidential i think. Or, also, u could find a clinic in werever it is that u live, i think they're called planned parenthood or something. Look into it on the net, im sure you could find some stuff. If u wanna talk, u can email me at [email protected] hope i've helped!


Audrey - June 8

Afraid- If the accident happened while you were in your fertile zone (days 9-16 counting from the 1st day of your period) there's a higher chance of becoming pregnant. Use a home pregnancy test, which you can get at a clinic or pharmacy. An abortion will not affect your ability to have children later if the procedure is done properly. Best wishes!



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