Am I Pregnant Help Plz

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ash - January 16

I have not missed my period but my nipples are dry and have these little bumps, my stomach hurts on the side like cramps where my ribs are, I fills like I am blotted and I am gaining weight, I am always tired and this morning and last I was throwing up. Me and my boyfriend use condoms but one came off and went inside of me. We got it out but no telling if c_m got out of the condom. I don’t think I should take a home pregnancy test yet because I just had my period not to long ago. about the 29th or so. I don’t think I would be having symptoms so soon. Is it possible. What do you think I should do?? I am in need any advise possible.. plz write back asap


tara - January 16

when did you have s_x? if it was with in the last 72 hours you can take the morning after pill and that will prevent yu from becoming pregnant. If it's past that time yoiu need to wait until your next period is missed and take a test. You can also go to the plan parenthood in your area to get tested and they can also help you with other matters in the pregnancy. But I think your mom should be one of the first people to know about this - especially if you have a good relationship with her, she can help you deal with this. Is you don't have a good relationship plan parenthood is a good source to go to.


tara - January 16

also, if it turns out that you are not pregnant after all, I'd suggest going on the pill or the patch so that next time something happens with the condom you are protected by another form of birth control. You should still use a condom though incase the patch or the pill fails then you are still protected. Good luck.


Ash - January 16

thanks tara but are these symptoms??? als it has been about 3 weeks or so.


tara - January 17

Yes, these do sound like common pregnancy symptoms. You should get a pregnacy test done to make sure though. You can do this with home pregnancy test or an appointment with your doctor or you can call plan peranthood and they can also help you - it's all confidential there. You also need to tell your parents about this. have you made any decisions or have any beliefs of what you might do with the pregnancy?


Sarah - January 17

If you say you are having c___ps where your rib cage is.... your uteris is not that high up, so I have no idea where you are going with this. If you have had a normal period since you had s_x, then you are pretty much out of the woods say about 96%, best to get yourself on some bith control so this does not happen again. But get yourself tested


WHORE - January 18




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