Am I Pregnant Let Me Know

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linette - April 30

im 15 i had s_x once my period was over .i had s_x 5 times with no protection.3weeks later i was bleeding for only 3 not shore if it was my period because it was to i feel dizzy i have back pain and headaches . AM I PREGNANT??? help


to linette - April 30



To: Linette - April 30

Go get a home pregnancy test or go to the doctor for a blood test to see if you are truly pregnant.


Cara - April 30

take a pregnancy test, it is impossible to tell otherwise b/c if you are nervous/stressed about the pssibilty you will actually feel like you have symptoms even if you really dont and it can delay your period. so i recommend waiting until the time your period would come and if it doesnt then take a test or go to the doc. for a blood test.


Grandpa Viv - April 30

A light bleed a week early can be implantation. Dizzy, lower backache, headaches, fatigue, more frequent peeing, gas (either end), bloating, and other signs starting at that time suggest pregnancy. Wait for a week after your period would normally have been, then ask the school nurse or guidance for a home preg test. If you want to talk, mail me at [email protected] Good luck!


katie - April 30

u could b pregnant cause u hav done it five times without preotection....infact it is most likey u thing to do is take a home pregnancy test or go and see your luck xxx katie


linette - May 8

hi every one i still have not gotten my period or any thing.but i bought a test and im scaared to try it lets see though what happens


milika - May 10

Now i dont know if this is something u should be worried about. You put urself in a very risky situation. And it is a possibility that u could be. And ur not even old enough to get a job. And most jobs hire u when ur 18 and over. Well since u were brave enough to have s_x. Then u should be brave enough to get tested. But having s_x without protection, is just asking to be pregnant. But at 15 ur still a baby. You should be living ur life. And doing teenage stuff. Not being on a site wondering if ur pregnant.


n/a - May 10

god milika ur so right. and yet im 14 almost 15 on this website wondering the exact same thing. i have 2 many symptons to count and yet the home preg. test said false and im not convinced. linette, take the test. its possible wats happened is a miscarriage also but i would lisen to grandpa viv. = very smart. i hope u get the answers ur looking for but as im sickenly realizing there are no answers on here just more questions.


to linette - May 11

i dont know if its just a myth but i heard taking lemon juice can help make ur period come sooner if ur not pregnat... also cinammon tea helps


milika - May 12

n/a If ur pregnant how far along are u? because u know how those pregnancy tests are. They dont show post_tve results until 5 to 6 weeks. I guess it depends on the hormone levels or something. But n/a u do seem very intelligent, to be ur age. So i think u would be a good mom. I'm 19, and alot of ppl say im intelligent to be my age. But there are so many stupid 19 year olds. And i'm glad not to be one of them.


christian - May 25



Priscilla - June 10

I'm 23. Recently my boyfriend and i gotten together..and he came to visit me for two those two days..we had s_x 4 times and didnt use a condom.. right when we were done...My tummy it possible that i am pregnant or not?? help



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