Am I Pregnant And How Far Along Am I If I Am

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Selina - December 16

well i was on the birth control shot for about 6 months now and out of the blue my brests started leaking a milky yellow color and i started getting a belly. one day i layed down on my back and placed a ash tray on my stomach and it felt as if something kicked inside of me and completly made the ash tray wobble. i dont know if im pregnant since i cant base it off a missed period or anything like that. please someone help me out.


well - December 16

there is a vein or artery or something that is in your stomach. sometimes when i'm lying on my back, it looks like something is kicking (nothing is, it's just a vein). take a pregnancy test.


well - December 16

oh and if you're feeling kicks it would be somewhere close to 20 weeks.


Natalie - December 17

the problem with this one is that if you are pregnant and your past 16 weeks you probably wont get a positive test result. the reason is the fetus stops producing hcg (the chemical which a pregnancy test looks for) at about 16 weeks. take a test, if its negative i would speak to your doctor to see if he can arrange a scan for you to check if you are pregnant or not.


angel - December 17

hey hon... i was on the bc shot too.... it makes u feel exactly like ur pregnant... including leaky b___st and getting a belly... i thought i was too but they did a blood test and an ultrasound and told me the shot does that... b/c its a high dose of progestorone which is the hormone ur body makes when its preggo..... and the kicking feeling thars happened to me kinda like a muscle spasm or artery... also if ur on the shot there is no way to get pregnant thats what they told me... and even after you stop taking it it take a good 10 months for most girls to get pregnant... google depo and read some of the posts it will help u with questions... good luck :)


sara - December 17

I got pregnant on depo and found out when I was 12 weeks along. If I were you I'd see your doctor because even though I got a belly early on I didn't have kicks until about 16 weeks. You should also have a blood test done because it picks up levels of HCG over 5 or so and even 20 + weeks into a pregnancy you're levels will be higher than that. Best wishes.



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