Am I Pregnant Is It To Earl To Tell

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Stacey - July 9

My boyfriend and I of three months has had unprotected s_x by using the pullout method, 4 times in the past 5 days. I havnt waited to see if my period has come yet but i am still really scared because i have been feeling sick and wanting to eat stuff i never liked before is it to early to know?


Kayla - June 9

Yes, it may be too early to tell if you are pregnant, but I suggest you go to your doctors and get a test.


Marie - June 9

You should be using protection that way you don't need to feel scared. It is prob. too early to tell...just wait until you miss your period and then get a hpt.


Rae - June 18

My period should be here this saturday, but I think I may be pregnant. Is it too early to tell??


Shelly - June 19

Rae-- Youcould take a test now, however if it is negative test again 1 week later. Good luck.


raya - June 20

lisen. of course you can be pregnant. even if he didnt c_m, you still can be.


michelle - June 29

i have had unprotected s_x but i havent got my period yet. but i also havent been having morning sickness what is going on?


Shelly - June 29

Michelle, if you're late, take a test. If it is negative, test again in 1 week.


Amber - July 7

I have had a couple of scares before. Sometimes you start to feel your pregnant only because in your head you are telling yourself you are so your body may be reacting to the signals your mind is sending it. That happened to me a couple of times


cara - July 8

actually i have a question about pregnancy i dont know where to go to fing the question space.


cara - July 8

ok ive been running a lot lately. i think i might be pregnant but im still technically a virgin. it didnt break the tissue because i was too tight to let it. but i missed my period last month and i dont have any signs of getting my period. its been exactly two weeks since i last got my period. do you think im pregnant?


Shay - July 9

if you worry to much about being pregnant and stress about it you will most likely get your period late



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