Am I Pregnant O

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lauraaOx - February 5

i have been getting the pregnancy symptoms and i have done several tests some of which say invalid and the others negative i also went to the out of hours doctors and they said it was negative but i had a urine infection but the docotr said something really weird after saying i wasnt that the baby might be growing outside the womb it didnt make any sense :S can anyone help ?


amanda17 - February 5

It sounds like you have an infection.


confused.girly - February 5

you could have an ectopic pregnancy, or one of those pregnancies where test show negatives for months into the pregnancy you should go get an ultrasound done to check if you have a baby, and where it is growing do that asap. if its growing outside the womb,that is life threatening to you. hope it all goes ok!!


Krissy25 - February 5

Did this doctor say why he think this might be an etopic pregnancy? Even an etopic pregnancy should give you a positive result on a pregnancy test. And UTI symptoms (uranary tract infection) could be similar to both pregnancy symptpms (ex. frequent urination) and etopic pregancy symptoms (ex. pain in the lower abdomen, sides or back). I think you should follow up quickly with an ob/gyn, if it is only a UTI they can give you antibiotics to clear it up and get to the bottom of if you are really pregnant or not. If you can't be seen quickly you should go to the ER, which if this doctor really thinks you have an etopic pregnancy is probably where he should have sent you.


lauraaOx - February 6

they gave me antibiotics and it it cleared up but i am still having the pains how should i come across my doctor to have an ultrasound ?


confused.girly - February 6

just let him/her know youd like to have an ultrasound done to rule out an ectopic pregnancy. tell him youd like to be safe and check


lauraaOx - February 8

so do you think this is what is causing my the sharp pains on my side and should i go to a family planning clinic if i feel embarrased going to my doctor (male) x


amanda17 - February 8

You can ask for a female doctor at any clinic.


Krissy25 - February 8

Honestly i think it is the UTI that is causing the pains, not an etopic pregnancy, but you were examined by a doctor and he brought it up, therefore it needs to be ruled out. Do not be embarra__sed to talk to your doctor about this, simply tell him what you have told us, you thought you might be pregnant so you saw a doctor somewhere else to find out. They did a test and it was negative but you were diagnosed with a UTI and also the doctor mentioned you may possible have an etopic pregnancy.


lauraaOx - February 11

but when i have a uti theres pain when i pa__s urine and i dont have tht


Krissy25 - February 11

I'm not sure what to tell you other than i strongly recomend that you see an ob/gyn to get to the bottom of all of this.


Grandpa Viv - February 11

Laura, give us some dates. Are you late for a period? The hormones that give pregnancy signs are different from the one the pregnancy test looks for, and come earlier. Maybe you tested too soon. It is not unusual for a woman to test negative until 2 weeks late, sometimes later. Pain from an ectopic pregnancy is not likely to be felt until close to missing a second periodm and one indication of ectopic is that hCG hormone levels are not doubling every few days. You are likely to get "weird cramps" in a normal pregnancy. Test again after a week using first morning pee, dip method. Hope this helps.



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