Am I Pregnant Or Is It In My Head

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KezzieKitten - July 21

I am 16 years old and I'm on the pill. I took a couple a few hours late and then I missed a pill, the following day I had unprotected s_x with my bf and then 2-3 days after this I came on my period... It was a weak early, very light and not normal for me (It was like dark brown discharge stuff). It lasted a week but was very scattered and I wasn't sure whether it was coming or going. When my period was actually due it came a day late and only lasted a day... This is extremely unusual for me but I put it down to having a period a week early. I have been feeling extremely tired and nearly passed out from fatigue whilst out walking the dog. I have been feeling nauseous and I go for a wee a lot more frequently. I have also had a bit of back ache and very tender br___ts (they are a lot more veiny too... they look like road maps!) I also have always had a very low appet_te but more recently I find that I just cant stop eating! My stomach has always been flat and slightly toned, but it sticks out recently and is hard to touch; even when I'm not breathing out! I have taken 3 pregnancy tests, all of which have came back negative. Please help me; I feel like I'm going crazy! All advice will be very appreciated x


Grandpa Viv - July 21

With no time line or dates here, it is difficult to opine. You sure have more preg signs than one would expect from an upset pill schedule, especially the road map piece. Test once a week using first morning pee. The hormone doubles every few days if you are pregnant. GL!


KezzieKitten - July 22

It was on the second week of my pill pack, I took a pill and hour late on teusday the 28th of June and I took the pill about 3 and a half hours late on Wednesday the 29th of June... We then had un protected s_x on Thursday the 30th of June and I missed my pill that night. I then had the early perod/brown discharge stuff on Sunday the 3rd of July and that carried on for about 1-2 days and then became very spotted and scattered until Sunday the 10th. I was actually due on Tuesday the 12th but it didnt come till mid Wednesday the 13th and it then stopped by Thursday morning... It was extremely light and was not a constant bleed. (it also wasnt my 'normal' period either).


Grandpa Viv - July 22

The mini pills are a lot less forgiving of missed pills than the old kind. You did have s_x around the time ovulation could have occurred, and now you have significant signs. My guess is that you are indeed pregnant, but you will have to prove it with the test. I suggest you run another Sunday morning first am pee, and repeat one week later. If you get a positive, scream loud and long until your mother comes running.


KezzieKitten - July 23

Thank you so much for your help and advice, it is greatly appreciated :) do you suggest I go to the doctors if my symptoms persist but I still get a negative result ? I shall do another test tomorrow morning :S


Grandpa Viv - July 23

Kerri, some pregnancies do not give a positive test until two weeks late, and a few even later. Sunday will be close to two weeks. If you miss a second normal period with symptoms persisting, a doctor visit would be in order. Are you taking the current pill pack? Do come back and let us know how everything goes.


KezzieKitten - July 24

I did the test and it came back negative. I am currently taking my next pill pack and am due to finish the pack on the 5th of August. I shall be booking a doctors appointment if the next period is unusual again. Im experiencing strange sleeping patterns at the moment and severe mood swings :S for example my dog misbehaved whilst out on a walk and instead of disciplining him I burst into tears and fell to my knee's; my mum was extremely shocked! As this is completely out of character. I'm so confused right now :/


Grandpa Viv - July 25

"Cries for no reason" is a post we sometimes see. Fatigued, but have trouble sleeping - can't get comfortable" is another. The hCG hormone should double every few days. Test again next weekend. If a cyst is causing all this upset, it may correct itself at the next menstruation. What kind of dog do you have? Ours is a 12 year old black toy poodle rescued from the shelter. GL!


KezzieKitten - July 25

I shall get more tests :) hopefully it is something like a cyst... I know my boyfriend isn't ready for a baby :/ We have 4 dogs in total; 2 golden retriever's and 2 chocolate labrador's :) both golden retriever's are male one is 7 years old and one is 6 years old; they are both from our local rescue shelter :) we have a male and a female chocolate labrador, the male is my own personal dog, he has just turned 3 years old and he was also a rescue dog. The female labrador turned 1 year old yesterday, she is not from a shelter; we hope to breed her one day :) Thanks again for your help with my situation x


KezzieKitten - August 1

Its still negative, but I am persisting with symptoms; I am going for a wee a lot more often than usual, and when I need to go I HAVE to go... otherwise I fear I will wet myself :S lol. I've gained a few pounds even though my eating and exercise habits have not changed. I'm getting a stuffy nose, but very sensitive smell. I have developed little white - kind of like - pimples around my nipples. My b___sts generally feel heavier. I have sore feet, and my tiredness and fatigue hasn't lifted :/ I just don't understand what's going on!


Grandpa Viv - August 1

You sure sound pregnant. Smells of tobacco smoke, meat on the barbecue, and some perfumes are what many remark on. Google Montgomery tubercles for those white pimples. Very occasionally we hear of pregnancies that do not test positive until real late. You perhaps should be taking prenatal vitamins for the folate, just in case. GL!


KezzieKitten - August 2

I find myself smelling the local farms before my family can smell it, I also find flowers smell a lot stronger. I'll google it in just a moment. I'm not sure if I should take the vitamins; just incase all of this is in my head :/


Riarios - August 2

Have you ever heard of Pseudocyesis? Also called 'Phantom Pregnancy''s a condition where a woman wants to be pregnant so badly, that she actually shows symptoms of pregnancy. I would still suggest that you see a doctor for a better result than what we can try to give you, and have a blood test done. Or even going to a local free clinic with a friend and having a urine test done, and an ultrasound confirmation. I've come to like you over so many posts, and I really don't want to hurt you. I'm trying merely to help, so that you can be sure that whether you're pregnant now, or in a few years, that you're as healthy and happy as you can be, and get any help necessary.


Riarios - August 2

pregnancybliss .com /phantompregnancy .html Without the spaces...its a great site with an article on Pseudocyesis, with quite a bit of info.


KezzieKitten - August 2

I've heard of "Phantom Pregnancy" but not the medical term... This was what I was afraid it was :/ I a going to go to the doctors soon :) I've come to like you to, and I respect what you've got to say... You have helped and supported me a lot, and really shown me that it is OK to wait :) Thank you for your help, it has really lifted my spirits :) I will read the article now :) Thanks Again :) x


Riarios - August 2

That's good, gotta take care of yourself :] My email is on my profile if you ever wanna talk. :3


KezzieKitten - August 4

I will do my best :) thanks a lot, its greatly appreciated :] x



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