Am I Pregnant Please Help

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jessesbaby - May 15

I need some information on wheather or not i am pregnant or not. I am 17 years old, with a very supportive boyfriend, and who i am very much in love with. Anyways we had s_x all last week, sometimes protected sometimes not. I was supose to get my period Sat. but i have yet to get it. Can you get pregnant right before your period is that possible? I went out to the drug store and bought a packet of 3 pregnancy tests and used the first and it came out not pregnant. Is it too soon to tell? If so how long do i have to wait? Everyday that passes without getting my period i get more and more anxious and nervous. Can someone please help clue me into the plain simple facts about getting pregnant and is it even possible for me to have gotten pregnant if i had s_x all week before my period, isn't that too close to your period to get pregnant? Anyways please help, i need some simple answers! Thanks for any help you can give! Marie


sara b - May 15

you can get pregnant anytime. You are most likely to get pregnant about 2 weeks after the first day of your last period. So although it is doubtful that you are it is not impossible. Test again in a week and stop stressing. Then if your not pg get to your dr. to see about birth control. best wishes.


Ceno - May 15

One can only get pregnant during one's fertile time...about 14 days prior to expected period. That's when ovulation occurs. If a female gets pregnant right AFTER her period, it's because she ovulated early with her SHORTER cycle. I'd say since your period hasn't come, I doubt it's due to pregnancy. People say if a period is late, it's because a womanm is stressed. The reality of it is that stress delays ovulation, NOT your menstrual. Anyways though, when was your last period? How long are your cycles(count from day 1 of the first period to the first day of the next)? Are they regular? This can help determine your fertile time and if you were having unprotected s_x in that time frame. However I doubt you're pregnant. But Marie, as much as you love your b/f and he loves you, since you both feel/know you're not ready to have a baby, use rubbers. Make it a religion. :-)


Grandpa Viv - May 17

In a normal cycle the week before your period is not fertile. This cycle was not normal - your period did not come on time, so you likely ovulated late or not at all. Stick with your birth control - you may not be pregnant. In fact, since you do not report any other early signs of pregnancy, you are quite likely not pregnant. Take a test once a week until you get a normal period or a positive test. Good luck!


Ddvinson3 - May 17

Well before I got pregnant if I had s_x a bunch right before I got my period it was always late by like a week. It always seem to push it off a bit. Just don't worry because stress can cause you to be late as well. I highly doubt you are but hey you never know. Wait until you are late a week like Sara B said and then take another test. If it still comes out negative then just wait it out. But it could still be to soon for the hormones to show up. Not to scare you but I got pregnant and still had my normal on time period and then a month later when the next period rolled around I was only 3 days late and still had a period and the test finally came out positive. So it was really weird I still had a period for like 3 months. Good luck!



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