Am I Pregnate

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Aly - October 24

me and my bf fooled around and i heard about pre c_m and idk if thats wut happened cuz i've felt weird the past couple weeks and i seem to have a lot of the symptoms. i'm only 14 and i'm really scared. i'm scared to go get a test and to break it to my parents if i am. wut do you guys think?


Claire x - October 26

hey honey, please do not panic, just sit down and think whats best for you, your baby and wheter your boyfriend would be there if you wer to be. For now id say visit a s_xual health clinic with a very close trusting friend or by yourself and explain to the nurse what happend and tell her/him about the symtoms you are experiancing. I dont think your mum would be extreamly dispointed i just think she would be kinda shocked. Good luck honey! im sure everything will be absolutley fine! lots of love claire xxx


Aly - October 26

well ya i hvae thought a lot about this and talked to my bf about it and he said hed take full responsibility and would never even think about leaving me and would want to be the best dad he could so that whole thing is fine i'm just scared that i am. how did you guys break it to your parents?


Melissa - October 26

Have you tested yet Aly? want to make sure you are in fact pregnant before you mention anything to your parents. If it is positive.....I would write a letter...... if it is too nerve racking to say it face to face. Leave it before you head to school so it gives them time for the idea to sink in....and then good luck when you get home!


Aly - October 26

well not yet i'm pretty sure tomarrow becuz my friend said they would get a test for me so i wouldnt have to do it. but thats a good idea any more?


Aly - October 26

ok? well sorrrrry


becky suezy - October 26

take a deep breath. this may come as a shock to you but you might not be pregnant. please go take a test that is the only way to find out. after you miss your period is the best time to take one. Even if you get your period take one anyway. if you are pregnant you should know quickly to prepare yourself for the situation.


angel - October 27

hi should should definetly take a test. if u r scared to take one at home (ur parents) there are free teen clinica around u can go to and u can get a test free and confidential and if u turn out not to be preggo u can get b/c w/o ur parents finding out... good luck :)


Claire x - October 27

I have a very high chance of havin a baby, buh im havin a test on friday to see if i am, but if i am im jus goin 2 tell ma mum either by letter or tellin her 2 her face but being seriously grown up bout it, im absolutley terrified but i do want a baby even tho i am only 16! ma bfs bein great bout it even tho hes only 18 and he dont want a baby yet but we both quite ok bout it! do you think you could cope being a mum? love claire xxxx


Aly - October 27

ya i want to be and he wud love to be a dad he said but idk wut to do?


chauna - October 27

I know how you feel.Me and my boyfriend had s_x a couple of weeks ago and my period is due TODAY!! He just doesn't understand how terrifing it is to be pregnant. I cam't bring myself to buy a test I just kep hoping it comes in the mext hour, or I'm just streesed.


chauna - October 27

let's just hope that your just stressed. Okay? but you should really go get a test. i'm goimg if it doesn't come by tomorrow. wish me luck. Good luck to you too!


Claire x - October 30

Hey Chauna:o) i know exactly wot u mean! i think its jus stressed cuz i jus came on ma period this mornin, but then agen u can still b preganant even if ya get ya period. im doin a another test agen jus 2 b a 100% sure. Dont worry bout it:o) im sure u'll b jus fine!



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