Am I Pregnate HELP

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Stacey - September 1

okay so last friday was the first time i had s_x. im really young, 14 and my partner is only 13. my period stopped the morning b4 i had s_x. it was unprotected s_x and he pulled out b4 anything got in, i think, or i hope. when and how do i tell if i am pregnate? im not on any birthcontroll pills either...write back! soon! ive been worked up these past few days thinking bout it....


Mary - August 30

Don't get too uptight about it. I fear I'm pregnant too, and can't get my mind off it. I know how you feel! But ...I am doubting you are pregnant, there is still that chance! But, you picked a good time to do it. The chances seem pretty low of you being pregnant. He may have pre-ejaculated in you, which could get you pregnant, but, judging from the time of month you did this, it sounds unlikely. Look around the site for ways to see if you're pregnant, and when your next period comes, get a pregnancy test, since you dont need all the symptoms to be pregnant. Another thing, always use protection! You don't ever wanna be paniced like this again, believe me. Best of luck to ya!


not good enough - August 30

ewk, you guys are way to young to be having s_x, and with no protection! Talk about irresponsible. Keep your pants on, finish school, and pray to God that you are not pregnant because why should some innocent child suffer for your stupidity. Bloody moron!


Trinity - August 30

Theres a slim chance makes it even higher since you werent on BCP. But its still slim.. Pulling out isnt the best method of birth control but i know a few ppl who used it an it wroked just fine for them until they wanted to get pregnant.. But id suggest getting on BCP unless you want to get pregnant. You can get pregnant off prec_m.. but thats mostly for lubricant.. for the sperm to travel. If youd like to chat more email me at [email protected] or check out my website..


amanda - August 31

you probly arent ..but you never know dont stress out about it or your mind will just play tricks on you and you be so worried n think that you really are cuz thats how i was when i first had s_x , i was so scared i was pregnant but i really wasnt so just dont worrie wait untill your supposed to get your period and remember stress can cause your period to be late..


Stacey - September 1

thank yall so much for the comments, im feeling sooo much more really dont know how much that means to me for commenting...thank you so so so much!



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