Am I Pregnent

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kit - May 2

I had unprotected s_x with my boyfriend twice but we were drunk so i dont no if he c_mmed inside me or not. He didnt use a condom at the start but after about 10 minutes he put one on. then after another 5 mins he took it off. There was c_m in the condom after. I never have had my period early or late for about 2 years but i had small brown spots about 6 days after i had s_x which would be 7 days early for a period. I would be 4 weeks pregnent now and I havnt had a period. I have been going to the toilet very frequently, I have been constipated, felt sick and very tired no matter how much sleep ive had. Every morning when i get out of bed i feel dizzy. I have also had butterfly feeling in my belly and my muscles are all very sore. My br___ts also seem bigger. My friends and me have all noticed that i have had A LOT of mood swings recently. One minute im happy , next minute im sad, next minute im startin arguments with everyone and being relly cross. I have experieanced back pain as well. What should i do???


jen - May 2

hi kit i dont mean to worry you but your most likely pregnant, a few of these signs i had (im now 1 month gone), take a home pregnancy test asap, and go and sit down with your boyfriend and speak to him, if he loves you he'll stay by your side no matter what. Also if you can speak to your parents/guardians they may be able to help you and arrange for you to go and see your doctor. Hope this helps! take care, jen x


Audrey - May 2

Kit- You are definitely experiencing early pregnancy signs. Use a home test to determine if you are for certain. You'll have a lot of decisions to make soon. Try talking to your parents and your boyfriend and get their support. Best wishes!


Grandpa Viv - May 2

You should tell your mum you think you are pregnant so you can get proper pre-natal care for the baby to be born healthy.


katie - May 2

ok dnt mean to worry u but its sounds as if your pregnant...take a home pregnancy test and see wat the results are but if i were u i wud go to the doctor and get bloods taken..if u are pregnant i wud start of my tellin ur bf and then the hardest ppl ur parents they may seem angry but there just disappointed but will come round to the idea and support luck on ur results and take care xxx katie


Cara - May 3

take a home pregnancy test there is def. a chance that you are pregnant and the spotting you had could be implantation bleeding. good luck!


Ella - May 12

go to the nearest wal mart and by a at home pregnacy test or go to the doctore loodluck!!!1


Mandy - May 13

Hey, ok.. well I am having my own little.. something.. I don't know if it is all in my head.. but my boyfriend and I ahve been talknig about a baby for about 4 months now.. and we aren't trying for a baby we are just making sure we knoww hat to do if it happens... and well recently.. I have bee having weird cramps. My period is very irregular so I have no idea when I ovulate... We have had unprotected s_x obviously.. But This is what I am feeling Throughout each day I have a feeling in my stomache it's almost a constant hunger pain...but it makes me feel as I am on the verge of throwing up. I also have cramps in my lower abdomen.. they cahnge from side to side and go into the middle, they are very close to period cramps but yet aren't really the same.. it feels like my muscles are really tense.. for example when I sneeze or something my lower abdomen feels really tight. My b___sts aren't sore but do feel a bit larger. I feel bloated and when I look at my body in the mirror I feel fat. I've also been really tired.. what do you guys think? My period has never come before 28 days.. it has always been from 29-47 days-ish... My last period started April 19th... What do you guys think? Honestly Oh, and I am 16 years of age, and my boyfriend is 18.


Grandpa Viv - May 13

Mandy, you may have ovulated on schedule this month, around May 3rd. S_x any time in the previous few days could have got you pregnant, like Sunday May 1st. Implantation and preg signs would have started earlier this week. Take a home test Sat May 21st and another May 28th if necessary. Good luck!


Mandy - May 13

Thanks Viv, but how do you know when I am ovulating? I don't even know.. My periods are extremely irregular What are some early signs? Would what I am experiencing be signs? The reason I ask so many questions is becuase I in a way don't beleive it to be possible for me to get pregnant with my boyfriend.. he had a surgery when he was about 9 or so on his urethra becuase he was on the trampolive with his friend and his friend kicked him in the sac.. prety harsh.. i laughed but he looked at me like.. u have no idea how bad that hurt.. So yeah.. he as like a 50/50 chance.. he is going for a physical in the next week to find out if he can or not. Why around may 21st? or 28th?... whats special about those days?


Jade - June 11

go to the docters sweetie


alisha - June 11

it sounds like you are. go to the doctor,they should tell you to take i think its alled folic acid pill (vitamins). from any drug store it helps your baby grow healthy



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