Am I Ready For Sex

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Anonymous - August 8

I'm 15 and my boyfriend wants me to have s_x should I? He says that we will be together forever!


Shae - August 4

They all say that. Just wait until you get knocked up.


Carrie - August 5

Im 15 too. Don't do it. I mean honestly do you really like him that much. I mean its not likely for you to get pregnant but if you do is he the one you want to be the father? Is he the type of guy to take care of it? Just ask yourself that before. I knwo when things get hot and heavy its hard to control but just take charge. You are in charge of the relationship and if he doesn't want to be your bf if you dont have s_x with him then he doesn't like you for you he likes you for you body and the s_x. Try and make a good choice but you just have to listen to your heart. You will know when its time


Diana - August 5

Do not have s_x wit him... Its a lot of responsiblity... I had s_x with my bf and we are both 15 too, he told me the same thing... Although we are still together we are both still waiting for my period and both don't know if i am due to have a child yet. Its the most terrible feeling in the world to sit up and worry about if your pregnant or not, and if u should tell your parents about it or not... I say wait and see. If your ready for the scarest thing ever in ur life... Go For IT. Listen to Carrie is also right...


Shorty - August 5

You gotaa ask yourself the following questions to yourself and your partner and answer them honesty. 1 Are you aware of the risks of pregnancy and stds/hiv? 2 Have you thought about an unplanned pregnancy and would you be physically, mentally and financially capable of bringing up that child on your own? 3Would your boyfriend/partner be there for you and live up to his responsibility in things if anything was to happen? 4 Why do you want to have s_x? 5 Will your boyfriend think any less of you if you say no? You have to remember that this is a big decision and it can effect the rest of your life and you need to be aware of that, and you need to accept responsibility for whatever comes after, including pregnancy and stds/hiv, because by having s_x you are opening yourself up to these elements and you need to be very very aware of that. And don't let anyone force you!


Dawn - August 5

I say if u both love eachother and think that u 2 will be together for a long time then do it, if u dont want 2 have s_x with him then dont but if u want 2 then i think thats ur decision but make sure u use protection at all times!


Loader - August 6

You only live once, and its great. Just do it.


Christobal - August 7

Loader should be shot; or raped. Anonymous: you are not ready. your boyfriend is not ready. your boyfriend isn't gonna be with you forever. in fact, if you get pregnant, either he will go to jail, or abandon you.


Christobal - August 8

you must not be very old yourself. cause i dont know any adult who would recommend s_x to a 15 year old. and second, im a guy. and third, it's illegal to have s_x at 15, and you are telling someone to do something illegal on a public forum.


Tanya - August 8

For once cristobal, you are right, wow didn't think that was possible, Anon: you heard from a guy, WAIT!!!, guys use that persuasion all the time, honey, even most adult realtionships don't last forever, they tend to end in divorce. Get a job, finish school, find a great MAN then ask yourself the big question, if you have to ask a forum , sweetheart you aren't ready. have fun as a child, live it up, good luck


tori - September 28

If you don't give me his number! Have s_x it's great


UNKNOWN - September 28



Cory - September 28




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