Am I Really Pregnant

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Kerri - October 13

So im pretty far along now, 16 weeks actually and i don't feel pregnant at all, i mean i look pregnant and everyone is like wow your gaining weight and im a normally skinny gurl ( plus no one knows im pregnant really ) and i have missed 4 periods, had a positive pregnancy test, i sleep all the time and weeks 6-10 i threw up so i mean i have all the symptoms and the positive first response pregnancy test should just make me realize i am but sometimes i just feel like its all in my head that maybe im not pregnant i just think i am so i just want to know what you guys think. *oh yeah and i havent told my parents yet, yeah i know im 16 weeks and i need to see a doctor but i havent had enough courage to tell them* and i want to make sure im pregnant before i tell them you know so what do you guys think i should do? please respond if you have some advice, thankyou so much.


me - October 13

if you have skipped 4 periods, have gained weight, have been throwing up, and had a + pregnancy test then i would definitely say you are. maybe you are in denial? you should get to the doctor right away they will give you a blood test to make sure you are and then you can get prenatal care. you have to take care of yourself and your baby soon. just sit down and tell your parents, they may take it hard at first but they love you and hopefully will come around. If you cant sit down and tell them then leave them a note and go out for a little while so that they have a chance to be mad and talk to each other about it. Goodluck!


- October 13

ya ur pregnant. u need to tell ur parents, soon so that u can get the help u need, is there somone u can talk to like school councler, friends mom, aunt, at this point u just need to talk to some one. good luck


- October 13

where do u live??


Kerri - October 14

i live in tulare county, im 17 years old going to be 18 in 3 months, and im taking prenatal vitamins thanks to a cousin of mine. my boyfriend is very supportive i hope my mom will be understanding she had my older brother at the same age as me so maybe she will understand i just am so nervous. sometimes im just like maybe im not pregnant.



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