Am I The Only One

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Rose - October 3

I just gave birth to a beautiful baby boy 3 weeks ago. Am i the only one who LOVES this mother thing? Im enjoying it so much. People complain about how hard it is and how they are so fed up and bla bla. Yes it is hard but i love sacrificing myself for my little one. Am i the only one having this much fun?


Rose - October 3



natalie - October 3

im no way near delivering, but im actually excited about my baby! and why not, you can get excited, hard work but at the end of the day if were pregnant its a responsibility we gave ourselves, so why complain


To Rose - October 3

You're very lucky, I suffered very badly with post natal depression which made life very difficult. My son is nine now and he means everything to me. I have to say though it's only been three weeks...wait for it!! Good luck to you honey enjoy the early years, they grow up way too fast!


Ashlie - October 3

I had my first son when I was 18 and it was tough, I was nursing and his dad was working 2 jobs to support us so he was never around, I was very lonely and ended up getting post partum depression really bad. But after a few months it got better and now I love being a mother, my son is now 2yrs old and my 2nd is due in a few weeks.


Vickie - October 3

im 36 weeks pregnant, and im so excited, i think ill feel how you are feeling, but then again ive never been devoted to a newborn 24/7 therefor i can't say but im only imagining or hopeful wishing that i will enjoy it, i mean im so excited about giving birth and meeting my baby girl/boy, but i think i will be able to cope...?! ur lucky to be feeling that way most girls have it hard, even some of the blokes get it tough aswel! lol, good luck and well done for bringing a heatly baby into the world :) xx


- October 3

girl ur at the easy part they dont need much right now, wait till they need u all the time, and when never get sleep because they just want to play, just give it time, the first 4 or 5 months are the eaiest


to miss rose - October 3

having a baby is not a 3 week thing. it is a lifetime job. can't you understand that some people are afraid to take on the responsibility of another life.


Rose - October 4

"TO MISS ROSE". Im not afraid of taking responsibility for someone elses life, otherwise i wouldnt have gotten pregnant. People get pregnant then complain about the work and bla bla. Everyone knows a baby is hard whether hes 1 week (and this is to the girl with no name) or 5 years. It is alot of responsibility and alot of work REGARDLESS. When they get older is the fun part, now all they do is cry and you dont know whats wrong with them at times. THATS HARD!



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