Am I Too Young

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Sammie - November 20

hey im 18 nearly 19 me n my BF have been together 2 1/2 years weve talked about the future getting married and starting a family we even have the name currently we are not using protection when we have s_x coz i cant have hormone pills and condoms we both hate. we are both in uni (im in england btw) both can get wellish paid jobs (both of us have a guarenteed job mine gets me aprox £200 a week his slightly more) what do you think ?


T - November 20

Are you trying to ask if you are too young to become pregnant? If you are the answer is no. In England 18 is considered a legel adult in every aspect. So you can get married, have children, buy a house, etc etc and its all legal. But some people may find an 18 year old whos pregnant something to sneer at as there is a lot of critical people all over the world hun. I would say if your ready, secure and sure you know what your doing then talk to your boyfriend about it all. Take Care!! :o)


Sammie - November 20

I know i'm legal and all and we have been talking about getting preg for a while, and i know my bf wants a child, he tells me everytime he sees one, and myself... ive wanted one since we started getting serious. i just wondered if people had any reasons why we shouldnt try or carry on unprotected and seeing what happens


C-Lee - November 20

Sammie if you are asking if you are too young, then it sounds like you are yourself doubting in some way. I think that if you have any doubts then maybe it is a sign that you aren't 100% ready.


E - November 20

Why not get married first? Also, I would get the wellish paid jobs b4 getting pregnant. That is what I think but realize you may not want to follow that order of doing things.


Hello - November 20

Im in the UK to(Cardiff) i got pregnant when i was 17 me&my partner were both working but he left me when i told him i was expecting,i had to give up my job&am now on income support in a poxy house living rent free but i hate it. please think it through before having a baby before you both have stable jobs.As my job was cash in hand i wasnt ent_tled to maternity pay&they didnt hold my job open.I am now 18 with a 13mnths old baby stuck in the house all the time,i dont even have any friends anymore&havnt had a night out in years.If i was to have another baby i would have to be married&have a good job.this isnt an ideal way to bring up a child.I know that you say you have jobs waiting for you,but so did i&my b/f until i became pregnant-me&him even talked about having a baby but when it happened he walked out&i have seen him since.Its so easy for men to walk out&leave us literally holding the baby.


Sammie - November 21

i feel like im ready to have a child and my bf tells me he would love to have my child and he goes all gooey about babies in the street and we are near enough engaged hes just waiting to find the pefect ring so he can propose propperly before next year (he also has to convice his mum as she doesnt really like the idea of marrige after hers failed) i was just wondering what other people felt as i want an unbiased opion abot my age


Hi - November 21

It doesnt matter what age you are - it is whether you are mature enough&could handle a baby crying at all hours of the night.This isnt a dig but women in their 20s&30s struggle to cope with having a baby.Having a baby is a major shock,we all see babies on the street in prams&coo over them&all think"id love a baby" but the reality is so different.Yes babies are cute&cuddly but they are also so demanding&your life stops,gone are the days of coming&going as you please,even a trip out is a nightmare when you have a baby, you have to bring bottles,nappies,wipes,bibs,change of clothes,it is'nt all sweetness&cuddly.I am a teen mum&yes being a mum is so rewarding but it is also very hard.


hol - December 4

go ahead make the most of life i had a child at the age of 13 so go ahead life is very short for messing around


Kim - December 10

I think you are way to young for not using protection. protection may safe you life someday!


r - December 10

In my opinion you are too young to have a baby unless the only thing that will fulfill you is becoming a mother. You are only 18 and in love, so use this time to enjoy other things in life as you have so much more time left for having children – as many as you want. You are at a mature age and able to make decisions on your own and I’m sure you’ll have no problems raising a wonderful child. But what I’m trying to say is if you want a baby, make sure you have done most of the things on your list of “want to do in life” the same goes for your bf. For example if you want to travel and explore, mountain climbing, if you want to learn a new instrument… what ever it is make sure you do it first because once you have a baby you will not have a chance to do these things for a few years. Having a baby is fun, and an experience I think everyone should be able to enjoy but at the right time in your life. Make sure you are stable in your relationship as well as your work. As for protection if you don’t like condoms and pills, you should talk to a doctor about IUDs. They are highly recommended since they have improved in many ways. There is also the patch (it should be available in England as well) it protects you just like the pill. Best wishes for you and your bf!


k.s. - December 28

i'm thirteen and my friend thinks she's pregnant and she may be pregnant. Are there any syntoms within a week? Is she to young?


mm - January 11

y do people abort?


danny - January 14

hey, why dont you live your lives first. go travelling, party around the country. take holidays. i know it sounds a typical answer. but these chances wont come again i promise. time runs out and quickly. money isnt even the start of it. its a small implication to having a child. the biggest and most important one is this child will be 100% dependant on you. everything will revolve around the child. give it 3-4yrs. then have a child. honestly


Nat - January 16

Ive been with my boyfriend for 2 weeks and we are planning to have a baby in 6 months time. I want a baby because i love them! But also because my mum died and its the only way that gap can be filled. Im 16 and my boyfriend is 18. Does it sound wrong?


To Nat. - January 16

Yes that sounds very wrong to me. You are young and have so much life to live. It's completely normal for girls your age to be wanting a child just like most girls dream of thier wedding day...that's how normal what your feeling is. But you have to live life to the fullest first other wise what experiences do you have to offer your child? What stories will you have to tell? Not much except "i was changing your diper when I was 18!" Ask any young mother if they are happy with becomeing a mother so young and 85% will tell you " I love my child to death but I was too young." So go travel, and do everythign you have always wnated because once you have a baby you won't have the time, money nor the energy to do anything for yoiur self for a very, very long time! I understand you miss your mother, but having a baby is not the solution you are looking for at this age.


chloe - January 17

i am 14 i think i might be pregnant wat do i do



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