Am I Yes Or No

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alexa - October 26

well check it ......ive bin havin unprotacted s_x for bout 3 weeks i got my pd.. 2 weeks ago no this week i had bin having light bleediing headaches, heart burn ,n ma sleepy ......i took a test to day n it was neg......idk am i or not.......


Grandpa Viv - October 26

Those are good enough signs you should take another test in a week to double check. Start using good contraception now, just in case you are not. Good luck!


RG - October 26

take another test. we cant tell you if u are pregnant or not


ashley - October 27

im 15 yrs old and i havent had a FULL period since july 21. and its oct.27. becuase i got off my bc pills. and it messed up my period so im not sure when they would suppose to be. i could have gotten preg. Aug 30 , & Sept. 3 . no protection / no pulling out immediatly / and no bc pills. i kno i could have gotten preg, cuz of me gettin off bc. my eggs were realsing , i have every sympton exept vomiting. i do have nausea tho. ive had 2 postives [ with faint line] and a couple of negatives. ive had brown/pink discharge and some light bleeding but thats it. im very confused. and i dk what to think. i smoke and i dont want to if i am preg. but ive had both pos and negs. if u think i am please eamil me [email protected] id love you input. thankk you


to ashley - October 27

sounds to me like you are pregnant, when i was pregnant with my first son i took the test and it was positive and just like you said one line was lighter than the other.. if you read the instructions it should say that if its positive one line may be lighter than the other.. the bleeding you described is also sometimes a symptom of pregnancy and is USUALLY completely normal as long as its not accompanied with heavy cramping.. and lastly, its a lot more common for you to get a false negative test than a false positive test. i would take another test, stop smoking (to be on the safe side), and call your doctor or local planned parenthood to get checked.. good luck and if you have any other questions... my email is [email protected]


anonymous - October 27

these tests dont show correct results 2 to 3 weeks after the last time you had s_x. soo wait a little bit


alexa - October 28

well i went to the doctor and i told her that i was felling all that stuff i sed above .......also ive bin having b___st pain for the past 4 weeks idk if that is part of all this...she sed i have to go c a gonicologist........are b___st pains part of it???


Molly - October 28

I would definatley go take another test, I would say what tipped me off to tell you is that when i first became pregnant..i had severe heartburn and acid reflux... little did i know that i was pregnant i just thought i was having bad AR...but no..and if your not tryign to get pregnant ...stop being irrisponsible and having unprotected can only lead to one thing...and i dont know if thats what your aiming for!


alexa - October 28

i want to be pregnant but i dont no if i am ........all the feelings i have r bad a** headaches, tired eating more then eva b___st thats the part that bothers that part of it cuz this pain got me thinking i have somthing .GOD FORBID


alexa - October 31

i have bin feeling sssoooo tired and my stomache feels funny


T - November 1

Alexa - We cant tell you if you're pregnant or not. And you did a test TOO EARLY! Wait and test in 2 weeks time.


Probably Not - November 1

Probably not pregnant, but you should really not have unprotected s_x anymore. You seem very uneducated and you do not want to bring another stupid person into this world.



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