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newbaby2009 - April 7

So whatcha think? Suicide or murder...?


amanda17 - April 7

OMG that freaking episode drove me crazy!! I definitely think he was murdered. I mean, throughout the entire time he's been on the show he's been a positive guy and he was talking with Taub (sp?) about when he attempted suicide... It just seems really out of character. Anyways where did this episode even come from?? Did the actor die or quit or what? Call me nerdy, but I look up upcoming plots on Wikipedia and I did not see anything about them planning this episode.


V9653 - April 8

I'm not completely sure what you guys are talking about, but I just saw something about a suprise suicide of one of the main characters and they did it because the actor took a job in the white house or something, so he left acting.


Teddyfinch - April 8

Helloooo ladies. After watching the episode, the hubby and I did some research and it turns out he's going to work in the White House as kind of a liason position for the general public and he is going to be doing a movie, so I'm guessing his schedule didn't allow for any more episodes. But I say murder lol. Wasn't he left handed? And the gunshot was to his right temple.


newbaby2009 - April 8

I say murder just because House is always right, lol. Ryan and I were so shocked, definately didnt see it coming. But we figured the either the actor couldnt be on the show anymore or they were making budget cuts by killing off characters. He didnt seem like the suicide type but i guess you never know. Cant believe House was so rude to Kutners parents, but then again its House. Taub was being a major a__s as usual but he broke down at the end. Have you went to the online obituary? Doesnt looking up plots ruin the show for you??


amanda17 - April 8

LOL the white house?? That's so random... Oh well, it makes for good episode. Too bad he was my favorite of the new staff. Teddy how do you know he's left handed? I don't remember them mentioning it.


newbaby2009 - April 8

I never noticed him writing with his left hand. I think that would have been a dead give-away it wasnt suicide.


amanda17 - April 8

No it doesn't ruin the show because they don't tell you the ending. It just makes me more excited haha. The ads for it were corny so I thought it was going to be a dumb episode but omg it was SO unexpected. Too bad the writers couldn't come up with things like that on their own instead of being pushed to do it because an actor quit.



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