Amniotic Paternity Testing DNA Test Before Baby Is Born

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Jenascia - June 16

I have seen numerous post on girls saying they dont know who the father of there baby is and if they can get a DNA test before the baby is born to determine who the father is and the morons on here are telling these girls that there is noway to do a DNA test before the baby is born, well i hate to burst your bubbles but you can in fact have one before the baby is born, it is NOT recommended do to the risks that it involves, but i can be done. There is a chance of birth defects caused by fluid extraction for these tests. It is highly recommended that you postpone testing until the child is born. This is how its done, your Doctor will extract amniotic fluids (cells) to test for the child's specimen. The mother's OB/GYN can perform amniocentesis to extract amniotic fluid, which is then sent to our laboratory for testing. The amniocentesis presents medical risks to the mother and the child. Because of those risks, most doctors prefer not to perform an amniocentesis unless there are medical reasons requiring the procedure. Be sure to discuss all risks and options with your doctor. And please dont write post saying its not true or whatever c__p you want to say. This infact true information i know all this because i am a med. student (you can even look on the internet). I hope this helps all those wanting to know about DNA testing. Good Luck!


Steph - June 16

Most doctors that I know of, will not do an amnio on a person who does not need it for any other reasons than for diagnostic testing other than paternity. It is a costly procedure and insurance companies will not pay for it as it is not for medical purposes other than figuring out who the father is, which can obvioulsy be done after the child is born. An amnio is also not a routine procedure done on pregnant teens or women with no complications.



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