Angry At Doctor But Am I Wrong To Be

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midnight_drift - May 17

Hi. Well, awhile ago, about two weeks, I got an ultrasound done. I got to see my baby for the first time and I was so happy to see that little heart beating. So I was all happy and such, and when I went to the doctor yesterday they brought me and my fiance in, and I got to listen to his/her heartbeat. But then I asked my doctor when I got to have a picture from the ultrasound... he said I didn't!!!!! I don't understand, am I not allowed an ultrasound picture? So I am angry... but do I have a right to be, because maybe we can't get those pictures yet? I don't know. Any advice, comments, or suggestions?


frankschick2001 - May 17

I never heard of this. maybe his machine doesn't have printouts???? I always get a picture, even when there was hardly anything there!


angie m - May 17

I would be angry too. I got pictures from my ultrasounds right after they were done. I don't know why the doctor woulden't give you a pic or what you could do to get one. But I am glad you got to see your baby it is so cool isn't it. Good luck.


EricaLynn - May 17

Thats totatlly weird, I got pictures from my first one even though it looks like a pea on the screen, you can hardly see anything, but my doctor asked me how many copies I wanted, I think they should let you have one, they put one in your file.....


midnight_drift - May 17

I know, it's aggrivating. He said no, I only get a lab report. I was like... "What? My FIRST ultrasound, and I only get to see it once???????" I don't know what to do. Should I call my doctors office, or call the lady that took the pictures? I would really like those pictures... especially because I'm so happy to be pregnant, I feel like I need more proof! Well, thanks you three!


Emma2 - May 17

midnight, are you showing yet?


ChannY - May 17

That's weird? For my ultrasounds- 11 and 18 weeks. i get my pictures for them. unless that doctor of yours doesn;t have a printer thingie for it or else he's being selfish?


midnight_drift - May 18

I'm only slightly showing, because I'm only like 2 and a half months going on 3.


les22 - May 21

you have to ask the person who does the ultrasound for a pic when they are doing the u/s. the doc cant give you them cos they have to be printed off the machine during the u/s


Evonna - May 21

I would be mad as well, they were SUPPOSE to give you a picture even without you asking unless you tell them you rather not get a picture which i believe no mom-to-be would deny.


les22 - May 21

i didnt have to ask for my pic. the nurse printed off 4 as she was scanning me and kept one for my file . i was offered the rest. my midwife told me to make sure i asked for some before the end of the scan but i was so excited about watching the baby that i forgot to ask so i guess i was really lucky to get them. its terrible that you didnt get a pic cos it makes it all seem so real when you can look at a pic of what is growing inside you.


Lauz - May 21

I would be well ragin especially as if it was the first time i had seen my baby.I would complain or something.Everyone gets there ultrasound prints.Its common practise although maybe the doctor didnt have a printer or something xxx


midnight_drift - May 22

No, we did have one, because my hospital is a really... advanced one I guess you could say. It's almost the biggest in IL or is I can't remember. But anyways, I didn't get one, and I am really mad, because I didn't know, hey I had to ask for one. Me and my fiance both want a picture! And besides, my friend wants to see!!


Bebita_Linda - May 22

why dont you ask him why and to explain


kristi17 - May 23

i got my picture...i didnt get it on my first one though. ericalynn got hers when hers was a "pea" lol. but i had to wait. i got it when i was showing and you could actually see the baby. so maybe hes just waiting until you show more? but you should be able to get one.


midnight_drift - May 23

Well I am showing a bit... I really wanted those pictures too =(.



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