Anotha Preg 14 Year Old

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steff - November 7

i had s_x with my boyfriend who's 15 and have been together for 1 year and it was completely unprotected! we did it twice in one day and that was it.... we both want to have a baby but we are just worried about our families reactions and the money but im worrying the most about is if my body is capable of having a baby because im really short!! please help mi!!


S - November 7

First you need to grow up and stop being selfish. Then when you are old enough to be able to support a child and not have to worry what your parents will say, start trying then.


Viv - November 7

Steff, i'm sure your height won't affect your ability to have children. However, your lack of maturity is an unfair burden to place on a baby. Babies need to brought up by two loving, educated, and financially stable adults. The two of you are also being very selfish and inconsiderate as far as your parents are concerned. If they had wanted another baby in their lives at this stage, they would have had another themselves. Please back off and think what you are doing.


jada - November 7

what the hell is wrong with these teen all i'm hearing on here is I want a baby I want a baby . what about what this baby would want?


steff - November 8

for all u who are callin me selfish im sorry to tell you but you are all wrong....what i meant to say when i said we want to have a baby was that since im pregnant im not going to have an abortion just going to go through with it because i couldn't kill something that didn't choose to be in my stomach so all of you that want to give me advice i'd apreciate it now that you have the full story....thankz anywayz


liv - November 8

its in your uterus. how do you plan on financially supporting the child? as for worrying about your body, that is understandable, you are fourteen and probably not done growing and all that. See a health care provider asap, I hope everything works out


Anon - November 8

Really I dont think a 14 year old can argue with other mature people telling her that having a baby at your age is going to be difficult, not only on you and the very young father, but on your parents as well. Trust me they were giving you your height wont matter if you are pregnant...Use protection if you dont want to be called selfish. Please think about the other people that would be involved if you are infact pregnant, and if you arent well good you can think about pretection next time you decide to have s_x.


stacey - November 9

i understand where you are coming from, i am also 14 and i think i am pregnant, i would not be able to have an abortion either but i have thought to myself everything that would have to change nand it would be so hard. it sounds very easy steff but my friend had a baby at 14 and now she cannot do hardly anything she wants to as a teen she has had to grow up so quickly, shes lost her childlife. i dissagree with people saying you r selfish it doesnt work like that. have a good think steff and then write a note back to tell me how u feel, i am interested. good luck babe


kel - November 10

Why are 14 year olds even having s_x?!


Uh Oh - November 11

OMG.. hunny im 14 too.. i mean i dont mean to sound wrong but why would u want a child at 14... i think i might be pregnant and im panicing my a** off, i mean idk bout you parents but my dad would kick me out da house and as much as my boyfriend luvs me.. he might not leave me but he sure as hell cant support me.. i think u need to plan your stuff out.


shut up - November 12

kel does it really matta wat 14 yr olds r doin? its up to them, it aint you so it dont really matta does it? leav them 2 do wat they gotta do, its their choice!


MBP - November 16

Im 14 to and I am pregnant, my bf is 18 what should i do?


Audrey - November 17

MBP- In North America if an 18 year old boy has s_x with a 14 year old girl he has broken the law, no matter if the girl wanted it. This is called statutory rape. You have some hard choices to make about what to tell the baby's father and your parents. Try to find support groups in your area as well.


Coa coa - November 17

u do not need a child u dont have a job u r 2 young 2 even b thinking about this -


E - November 17

It is very mature if you to consider your family's reaction to your possible planned pregnancy. I am sure they will feel a mix of emotions ranging from fear to shame. Continue to consider their feelings as their opinions and views do matter. You are still their baby and they will be upset to know that you will be having one yourself. Teen pregnancy is never a happy thing for anyone other than the teen having the baby and the teen's friends. I would think that when you tell your family you are pregnant you would want them to be happy for you and not scared.


Tierra - November 17

That's not a good idea.I'm 15 and having a baby is the last thing to do, it will mess up your life,believe me I now I'm a mother myself.



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