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Jes - July 5

Im 17 and I had a baby when i was 15. Now im thinking about having another one. Im still with my babys father , we have our own place together , and i want a brother or sister for my daughter. I still think im young to have babies but i feel ready, i have grown up alot from what i have already went through, i need advice on this.


~*~C~*~ - July 5

Have you discussed this with your bf? Is another child something you can afford? What about the health care and cost of daycare for two children? Good Luck, Im sure you'll make the right choice. ~*~C~*~


Same - July 5

I am in your situation, I had a baby when I was 18 and in another year or two, I want a brother or sister for my son. I guess you should talk it over with your boyfriend though because he is in this with you. If hes not ready, I wouldn't push him into anything. I'm sure two young children is a lot to handle though because I try to imagine myself with another one in the grocery store and dont know if I'd be able to handle it. Good luck though, think it over and talk it through with your guy.


Liza - July 5

I am 18 and I have a 2 year old and a baby. Its very hard work and I would seriously consider this before you try for a baby. What does your boyfriend think about this?


alisha - July 5

hey i am thinking about the same thing. if you want to talk you can e-mail or IM me at [email protected] or [email protected]


Jess - July 5

thxs for the writing everyone My boyfriend wants another baby to , he thinks i should finish my school first before we do , but i think that i can still continue my schooling with another baby . Im covered for daycare so i dont have to pay for that


mel - July 5

Where does your baby go while you are at school? You are lucky to have free care. That is one of the more expensive parts of having a baby.


what??? - July 5

she's lucky to have daycare??? the state is paying for it, which means we taxpayers are paying for it!!! are you that selfish and stupid to bring one more baby at your age into the mix???? see you need more school think with your head not with his head!!!


mel - July 5

I made the a__sumption that a family member was caring for her baby. She never said that the state was paying for it, just that she was "covered" which I interpreted as having someone to watch her baby. If someone needs a__sistance from the state to pay for the care of one baby, they should wait until they can afford to pay for care on their own to have another or one parent makes enough so that the other can stay home with the kids. However, you just jumped to the conclusion that the state is paying for her child's care. Maybe you should have let her answer my question before you pounced on her.


mel - July 5

Hopefully you won' t be having any children. You sound far too ignorant to raise children. I never said that she should have more children. I think 17 is too young to have kids too. I simply asked you why you jumped on her before you even got an answer. As far as the horse goes... you can have all the barnyard animals to yourself. Have a lovely evening.


Jess - July 5

Just to let you know , it is my boyfriends mother watching my child. She works through a program where i live called "Better Beginings" and she has kids that go to her house and she watches them , she is doing me a favor , its cheap daycare this way with her


maggie - July 5

if you want another baby then go ahead i am guessing you like babys since you already have one and want another but here is my story i am 14 and i have to babys i had my first baby boy blue when i was 12 with my bf we are still together i live with him and his parents and i just had my new baby girl ellie i love being a mom and think i was to young to have babys to but when my babys get older i will still be young so think positive


Jess - July 5

Yeah i like kids . I am mostly thinking about my daughter , i know what it is like to have siblings, i have a older sister and i love her 2 death . i know my girl will want someone 2 , and i dont want them to be to far aprt in age. I could support to kids , my boyfriend has a really good job . Of corse there will be less money tho.. but i dont know if i was to have one it wouldnt be right away , im going to do alot of thinking planning , money saving , and just make sure im ready. This is why im on this site .. to hear other girls points of views , besides my friends who havent went through this . Thxs everyone for your great input!


Jbear - July 6

My sister and I are two years apart and we fought like crazy the whole time we were growing up. I wanted at least five years between my kids, so they wouldn't fight (hopefully) but my second, and last, will be born when my daughter is 3 and a half. She's not adjusting that well to the idea. She can write her first initial, and she's written it on everything we own, so the baby will know it's all hers. I think you're brave, I don't even feel ready for a second child at 27...


Little Sister - July 6

I like the idea. I say go for it.


Jess - July 6

Hey Its me . Yeah me and my sister had are arguments but she was there for everything . I guess it really is how i teach them to act , make them act withj respect. Im soon going to a corse on toddlers , and what to do in the tough times and temper tantrums . Hopefully that helps a bit. Im starting to think tho, that ill wait till im all done my schooling, thats important, and it might be a little easier with just one child right now. The advise is helping me everyone. Thxs lots! Jess


trevor - July 6

Don't abort but we don't want to subsidize basic expenses like food or daycare so that you CAN go back to school to become less ignorant. The US is so screwed up! Good Luck Jes!



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