Another Knocked Up Teen But Plz Dont Scroll Past

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Audi - May 7

im 15. and pregnant. like 2 months along. heres my problem, i tried telling my mom i was preg, but she dosnt belive me. i know im preg, but she dont think i am because the ept was negitive, but i took it too early. ive had lower back pains for the past 2 months, stomach is growing and hardening, ive also had brest tenderness, and i feel sick alot. none of these things happened to me, until like a week after i concevied. so im so sure im pregnant. but how do i tell my mom that i know im pregnant, because she is allready relieved and got it in her head that im not. if i try telling her again, shes gonna think that i despretly wanna be pregnant or something, and that is NOT the case at all. how do i get her to trust me that i know im pregnant and take me to the doc??


Kylee - May 7

hey.. you should just sit her down and be like mom i know you don't want to believe me that i am pregnant but i am and im willing to admit that i made a mistake and im ready to take care of this baby no matter what and tell her that you need her there for you good luck


Hunter - May 7

What you really need to do is take a blood test to find out for sure that you are indeed pregnant. Blood test is more accurate then an EPT home pregnanmcy test.... Good Luck


Natural - May 8

Your period hasn't come yet? Don't say to yourself that your pregnant until your 100% sure. You don't want your mom to keep stressing over that ( it isn't fair to her). Go to a clinic and take a test. If your two months along than you should get an accurate answer.


Cara - May 8

You need to take another home pregnancy test, see what the results are or just go to the doc. without her. if she wont take you find a friend that you trust that can drive and go to your normal doc. with whatever your copay is- you dont need your insurance card if you have been there before b/c they have you in the system. Your mom may jstu be in denial but if you sit down with her and let her know that if you arent pregnant than something is wrong and either way you NEED to get checked out. Best of Luck!


Jbear - May 8

Tell your mom you need to go to a doctor, because if you're not pregnant then something isn't right with your body. You can also tell her you need to get birth control if you're not pregnant. She obviously knows you're having s_x, and if my daughter ever told me she needed birth control, we'd be at the doctor's office within a week.



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