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KaseyA - September 24

So my daughter is only 3 months old but I already want another baby! Is this normal? I have always heard people say that when their babies are about 1 year old they start wanting to have another one, but I'm seriously wanting another baby. I guess its just a phase. Anyone else feel the same way?


fayesyoungmum - September 24

heya, im sure its completely normal.. my daughters 4 months old and when i think of the day i had her and when she was really tiny i sorta want that again.. but i wouldn't right now though! don't think i could handle it, lol x


Baliezer - September 24

I felt the same way. i had my second daughter when my first was only six months old. It was the hardest time in my life. Once they start crawling and walking everything changes. Your sweet baby turns into someone else that you don't recongnize. It becomes a game to try and keep them from distroying the house or hurting themselves. Now times that by two. There were many periods when I had to take a break and recouperate. Now that they are older I love them to death, but I will never forget that time. Zero to seven months, in my opinion, is the easiest stage to take care of a baby. Enjoy it. It will pa__s in a heartbeat.


Baliezer - September 24

If you really want another one, wait until your baby is a least a year. Then go for it. Good luck!!


sahm2alaj - September 24

You are not crazy. My husband wanted to try for another one when my son was only 2 months! I was the one who needed some time not only to recuperate, but just to enjoy the new little one for some time. Well here I am pregnant again and my son will be not even 2 when this one is born! I wouldn't want it any other way though. I missed being pregnant after having him and now that I am pregnant again I can't wait to be done!!!


ChattyKathy - September 24

There have been studies that say holding babies creates a chemical in a woman's brain that will actually cause her to want to have a child. Consider it biology, but I'd wait because two babies, one an infant, is hard to handle.


SaraH - September 25 did that work? You had your 2nd when your 1st was 6 m? Do you mean you got pregnant w/ your 2nd when your 1st was 6 m? Just wondering since 6 months isn't quite enough time to get pregnant and have a baby, unless you got pregnant acouple days after you had your 1st and your 2nd was EXTREAMLY (like just viable) early. Not saying your lying just wondering if it was a typo or if I'm missunderstanding you or what.


baby mama - September 25

i have a one year old daughter and i feel the same way about wanting to have another baby. i miss when my daughter was just a small infant i miss how nice it was to hold her so close without her wanting to go down to run around. i say wait till your daughter gets older so its not as hard to take care of them both. but not too old or she might become the jelouse type and want all the attention lol. i too want another baby but my boyfriend said no lol he just dosen't want to waste all of his money.but over all i think it s normal that you have this feeling cause i do and if it's not normal well at least you not the only one unnormal lol.


Baliezer - September 25

Yes, I got pregnant with my second when my first was six months. Sorry for the confusion.


sashasmama - September 25

Did you have a c-section? They say to wait up to 6 months after a c-section to get pregnant again. If you want another baby really bad, I think you should wait a couple of months to get your body back on track nutrition wise, pregnancy takes a lot out of you. You need to let your body replenish it's calcium e.t.c. Kids being so close in age is a blessing in my opinion. Just make sure you are healthy when you get prego, it's all that matters.


Zeelful - September 27

Yeah unfortunately it seems that way



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