Another Ovulation Question Forgive Me Haha

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amanda17 - August 22

Okay so I'm pretty sure I'm ovulating right now. My discharge is a lot heavier and is thicker, and I had a cramp about a half hour ago that didn't feel like a menstrual cramp, but it was in my uterus area. I've had these signs many, many times before but I just ignored them not knowing anything about ovulation signs. I just wanted someone to confirm that these are, indeed, ovulation signs so I can watch out for them from now on. Oh and how long is ovulation supposed to last?


amanda17 - August 22

Oh and my last period started August 5th, they might be a tiny bit irregular, but the discharge started yesterday and the cramp was only today...So 14 days from then would be September 4th (which is my birthday, that totally sucks) So if this is ovulation it seems I'm already pretty regular, no?


AddysMummy - August 22

I'd say 24 hrs. That's what I had been told at least. But I think you are having symptoms :) You can check your cervix?


amanda17 - August 22

What am I checking for? Haha. Seems awkward.


AddysMummy - August 22

lol just seeing if you are high, open, the mucuous on your cervix.. xD


amanda17 - August 23

That perfectly describes it. I was trying to think of a way to describe the cramping, but couldn't think of anything. Being kicked in the ovaries pretty much sums it up haha. My discharge was stretchy and everything. Yup sounds like ovulation. I really don't know what an open cervix would feel like either. I'll look it up online how to do it, and try it when I'm not ovulating, then try it again when the signs come back to see if I can feel the difference. I think if I compared it, it would be easier to tell.


newbaby2009 - August 23

If your cervix is open, you can get the tip of your finger inside it. Same thing your ob feels for to see if your dialated.


Amanda19 - August 24

Are you ttc Amanda? Just wondering. I know you just had a baby, arent they great? Well Anyway I never could go by cervical mucus. Sometimes right before af I would get the biggest amount of egg white cm that I'd had all cycle. It's different for all people I guess. Usually you can go by it though. I used to go by cervical position. You can get a free chart at fertilityfriend dot com. Or you can try temping. Ovulation tests dont work for me unless I use them multiple times a day because I have a really short surge so I have to temp to make sure I did ovulate. Anyway good luck!


newbaby2009 - August 24

Actually i believe she is doing every thing she can to avoid pregnancy lol.


Amanda19 - August 24

OLh well I didnt know that. Sorry. I only skimmed through this thread and didnt see anything that said something about it either way. I just a__sumed she was.


V9653 - August 25

Yeah, just keep track of that time in your cycle that you notice the stretchy clearer discharge and the cramps, and over time you'll notice a pattern. Same with your cervical position. Also to add onto the open cervix comment-u shouldn't be able to stick a finger all the way in it unless you were delivering a kid-but since you have had a child it will open a little more than others so you may be able to fit your finger tip in there. Also, do not rely on the 24 hours comment. I'd take note of my pattern and then not have anyone touch me for about three days before I expect to ovulate-to three or four days after, so you'll be out for about a week. The reason why I say stay away from your guy for more than 24 hours is because everyone IS different, and I tend to be pretty fertile and my ovulation symptoms last for about 3-4 days. So in that time how can you know if the egg dropped and then you get the discharge and cramps, or if you get the discharge and symptoms for a couple of days then the egg is released. So if I waited 24 hours after I first feel my symptoms, I'd most likely catch that egg at the perfect time. I always succeeded at taking that week off and I didn't even use a back up for a long time.


amanda17 - August 25

I'm still getting ovulation signs so yeah I'll take that advice V. Amanda, no I'm not trying to conceive but I wish I was! It's definitely not a good time right now, but the moment we are on our feet I'm going to. I hope I have twins haha I love being a mom way too much it's weird. I even love the exhausted, noodley feeling I get in my legs at the end of the day :)



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