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Keighley - February 28

So, I had someone tell me that if I was pregnant while on my period,that my period would stop or just result in spotting instead of a period. The day before yesterday was my 4th day on my period, and that night, I had no cramps, no blood, nothing, but I woke up with blood and cramps. So then that was my 5th day, and that night of that day I started to quit bleeding, which I found ok since it was the 5th day and some cycles only last 5 days. But I kept a tampon in just for protection. The next morning I woke up, I had tiny bit of blood on my tampon, but when I went to pee there was no blood, this is how it remained all day, but around 2:30 today I went to the bathroom and blood appeared again, but it wasn't rushing out or anything, it was just there. I put a tampon in and now I feel a little crampy, but not as much. Is this normal or could this be a bad sign? Please help me. - Keighley ( By the way if you do not know what happend, I had s_x on the first day of my period, my partner was protected but before he put a condom on our bodys touched and I dont know if anything could have happend, I am scared I may be pregnant.)


Audrey - February 28

You are not pregnant, if you had s_x on the 1st day of your period and your partner used protection. Most likely your body was playing tricks on you because of stress. Keep using protection and stay away from s_x on days 9-17 of your cycle, and you'll be fine.


Keighley - March 1

Thanks Audrey


Molly - March 1

No, you can't be pregnant, if you get your period.Because, during pregnancy your body produces a hormone called HCg which stops the menstrual cycle.A very small amount of women about 2-4% get pregnant,while on their periods but the percentage is probaly down to .5% if you use protection expecially while on your period.If, you don't want to get pregnant,use protection or don't do it at all!


Keighley - March 2

Thank you molly. I am probably going to use birth control, starting this weekend, and condoms are still in it, just in case. Thanks everyone.



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