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midnight_drift - April 4

It has to do with the signs of pregnancy. Alright, so I am pregnant, my HPT test said so, and I haven't had my period for awhile, but I had a question. Is it normal not to have "morning sickness"? I was reading up on it, because this is my first time being pregnant heh, and I know it said that you can get morning sickness any time. But I've never really gotten SICK, just - a lot - of nausea. Which stinks. Especially in school. Is there anything that anyone could suggest I do? Sorry I am asking so many questions, I just can't seem to find them on the net. And has anyone felt this pain, where if you touch right bellow your belly button it will make you have the urge to puke? Because I was reading this message board and this one girl said it gave her pain, so I did it just to see if I had that, and I do, it's not good. Also, I'm really sick, constantly. And I dont have the desire to eat anything, but I am starving. I have a craving for normal food, I just don't know what to do. Is there anything that I can do to stop feeling so sick? And does anyone know if you can take anti-depressants while being pregnant? Are there any precautions I should take???


midnight_drift - April 4

I also wanted to say that whenever I feel like I am going to throw up, my mouth waters more, and I have been feeling like that all day. I've been chewing gum and sorts to keep my mind off of how sick I am feeling. I'd love to hear any suggestions of something that would make me feel better. Sorry for so much of the questions and comments, I just want to be able to give my baby everything that I can!


Corrine321 - April 4

Hi- well I am 15 and 29 weeks pregnant and ever since my first trimester I always got nautious, i asked the doctor what is causing it and he said you might need some sort of snack like a gronila bar or something to hold you over till lunch or you get home... It worked for me and i hope it works for you! I am not quite sure on the anti-depressents... maybe ask your doctor about that! Good Luck!


Jamie-Lee - April 4

Try eating soda crackers or dry cereal.I don't throw up often but I do get those waves of sickness.I know what you mean about hungry but not wanting to eat anything.Ask your Doctor when you go if there is anything else you can do about this sickness.I notice my mouth gets watery a lot now too,not just when I'm about to throw up.About the anti-depressants you can't even take anything for a cold when you have one which sucks because I have a really bad cold right now so I don't imagin you can continue on the anti-depressants.Stop taking them now and if you NEED to take them then tell your doctor.I know what it feels like to stop taking them too's not good so I'm not sure what your doctor will tell you.Good luck and keep us posted with everything..especially if you find anything out about those pains.


whiskeydog38 - April 5

About the morning sickness. It is normal to have nausea and nothing else. All pregnancies are different for every woman. I know that I did have morning sickness, and ever since I quit, I have bad nausea. And I have a question about your food problem too. Can you only eat what you're craving? I know when I feel sick like that, all I can eat is what I'm craving. Otherwise, it makes me sick or nauseaded. I read about taking anti-depressents too. It's okay to take them if you took them before you got pregnant. I just don't think that you can start taking them during your pregnancy. It's the same with most perscribed medications too. Just some you may have to quit taking. I know that that's not one of them though. Ask your doctor about that though. Oh, and don't stop taking them. You need to ask your doctor about stopping them. If you just quit taking them, they'll make you sicker then you already are. If you want to look it up you can on the website


midnight_drift - April 5

Yes, sometimes, I will crave something, and I really will get sick even THINKING about eating anything else. Thanks guys for all the info. I've learned I am sure I am pregnant, I've taken a few tests, they all came up positive. I've been sick for the past few days, like a constant sickness and it wont go away! Someone said that it hurts because your uterus is growing. I had slight bleeding and now it is gone, which my friend said was perfectly normal. Thanks for all the suggestions with eating, because I really need it. I tend to feel sick so much. There isn't a moment I haven't. I will eat to get myself the energy, but I don't WANT to eat. After I eat a meal, I feel so sick. I haven't thrown up yet, but every two minutes I feel like I will. I've never really experienced it before. I calculated the days, and I am 3 weeks pregnant. THANKS GUYS!



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