Any Advice For A Lonely Woman

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broken wings - June 22

I was hoping to get some advice that dont completely have nothing to do with pregnancy.I am 22 weeks pregnant and my boyfriend, my daughter and i all live with his mom.I have been telling him to get a job and m ove me out for 11 months now and today i chose to tell him im leaving him until he gets a job and gets a place of his own.I am trying to think of the well being of my children.I am going to get a job at 22 weeks pregnant so i dont have to worry about my children gong without.As much as my mom would like to help, i dont want to ask too much of her.Am i wrong for wanting to leave him even know im pregnant with his second child?


Grandpa Viv - June 22

You are not in an easy place. My sympathy. My guess is you are not going to change this mamma's boy, nor mamma either. And I can't see you surviving as a single mom. You have no choice but to stay put until both your kids are in school or until mamma decides she has had enough of supporting you all. Goodluck!


Jill - June 23

No, you are not wrong. When I found out I was pregnant, we were living with my husband's grandmother. I told my husband he had 3 months to get a job before I was leaving. He had one within a week. In my case, I gave him time to get a job before I left, and he responded. Don't listen when people say you won't make it as a single mom. If/when you decide to leave, get a job before you go. Then just do it!! It's hard, but it's better than living with your in-laws for the next few years!


Steph - June 23

You are going to have a heck of a time getting a job at 22 weeks pregnant. I suggest you stay put and make your b/f get a job. I would also enlist the help of his mother to help him get motivated and off his a__s. If she does not care and does not mind taking care of a soon to be family of four, then so be it. Your children are better off staying somewhere that is a stable enviornment and there is food on the table. In time you will be able to be a single mother if you choose to be, but right now it is nearly impossible for you to financially to do it alone. And do not move out of your boyfriend's mother's house and depend on welfare either.



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