Any Australian Melbourne Girls Here NEED UR HELP

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Amber-Jane - April 30

I put a post up a few weeks ago, and if you read that ive decided to go get a tst done about my fertility, but i was wondering if any of you know where you can go to get a fertility test done, or can you just go to your local doctor and they just take a blood test and then can tell you a few days later. ANY HELP ANY ADVICE, is more than welcome, or please email me [email protected], PLEASE!!!!


young_mum_2_b - April 30

amber to have a fertility test u need to go see an obstetrician or gyno. i live in melb too..mornington 17 and 31 weeks pregnant!! good luck and i hope i helped


bronte003 - April 30

Why do you want a fertility test? An OB will only do a fertility test if you are having probs conceiving? Are you trying for a baby? Are you a teenager? Well if you are I hope you're not going to be as stupid as the rest of the girls on this forum that are already preggo! You'll ruin your's and your baby's life if you do!!!!!


Amber-Jane - April 30

First of all young_mum_2_b congrats on your pregnancy, i would love to talk to you more so please email me or leave me your email address on a post. And bronte003, these girls who are pregnant arent stupid, they know what there doing and we cant judge them, im 20. You need to be careful with what you say. And yes i am trying for a baby and have been for the last year with my boyfriend.


Ca__sie06 - May 1

Goodness. A little snippy arent we bronte003? Yes, she is trying for a baby, she posted about it below. Besides, this is a teen forum and there is no need to judge just because they are pregnant young. There is no sense in making them feel bad, what is done is done, and every baby is a gift from God, no matter how young the mother. (By the way, I am 19, married a year on May 28th, and 26 weeks pregnant!)


Aussie Beck - May 1

Hi Amber-Jane. I have two friends that had fertility tests because they were trying to conceive for a long time without any luck! They both made appointments with an OB - I don't think a regular GP does them but you made need to get a referral to see the OB from your GP, and after having fertility drugs both of them fell pregnant quickly and now both have healthy daughters. I think that if you have been trying to conceive for a year that is definitely a long enough time for the OB to check into your fertility. It may also involve some ultrasounds to check on your ovulation status. One of my friends wasn't ovulating at all and the ultrasound was able to tell if she was once she started taking the medication! Good luck to you!!!!


young_mum_2_b - May 2

hi again Amber, i have 2 emails yahoo and msn so u can get me on [email protected] [email protected] look forward to talking with you and good luck on conceiving...oh and thankyou for explaining to bronte003 that we aren't stupid!!! good luck again!!


Amber-Jane - May 2

Hi everyone and thanks for all the replys, i actually went today to a family planning clinic, and on the 11th of May im having a few different blood tests to test my progesterone levels, so hopefully ill be in luck. I actually got tempted today and brought for some reason an ovulation test kit, and i took it and it said i was ovulating like NOW, so ill be going home tonight with a smile and fingers crossed that maybe i will fall pregnant!!!! CASSIE, congrats on your pregnancy, and especially your marrage, its hard falling pregnant and having the bf there let alone getting married to!!! send me a email and let me know how everything goes thats if you want to talk [email protected] (love to talk). And thanks for your feed back Aussie Beck, hopefully i wont need fertility drugs and this time things might happen!!! FINGERS CROSSED!!!!



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