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Angel - October 21

is there anyone who has been ttc for a while nwo with no luck even after bcp? please i want genuine answers.i cant believe some of the abuse that goes on in here! GENUINE TTC TEENS ONLY!


Natalie - October 22

to lucy - i know it sounds stupid, but there are a large amount of teenagers, which tend to be on the 13 14 year ld side of teens not the 18-19, that are trying to have babies. but they dont need a huge amount of abuse, they need some support and help, not to get pregnant, but to have someone to talk to about why they want to be pregnant so much. its one thing to look down your nose t someone and slag them off, but how would you feel if someone looked down their nose at you. support and a friend to talk to is what these people need, but dont go off on one, because thats not going to help at all really is it?


to lucy - October 23

u really need to GROW UP.. stop putting other teens down and get a life, let me educate u... it is none of ur business weather a teen wants a baby or not this site is for advice not abuse so leave. angel im trying for a baby to im 16yo if u want to talk honestly away from these weirdos that dont have anything better to do but abuse people then by all mean email me [email protected] thanks Casey


louisa - October 23

well this month is my first month off bcp's. I have only just finished my period so will see what happens. i know i am only young still but me and my boyfriend have talked this through and it is what we want.


Angel - October 23

Thanks for your kind words, and to you other women out there, why do u come on these boards if you are jsut going to give abuse. I have no time for you. Well I am 18 if you must know and I have another year at University then i will have a degree. I was thinking of taking a gap year for a break. That not educated enough for you? I've come here for others to give support and show the same emotions of longign for a child. Just because i said teen doesn't necessarily mean i'm 13 yo. For goodness sake!


how sad - October 23

why do you people bother visiting this forum if all you are going to do is throw abuse and judge people.


agh! - October 23

why is it if your a teen people a__sume that they will be on welfare all there life?! Also like Angel said she is 18 not 13-14, theres a big difference between 13 yr olds and 18yr olds...its wrong to try an concieve at 13/14/15 because ur mentally unstable to realise the whole baby thing, but at 18 ur alot more mature and understand the things that come with a really p__ses me off when u say ur a teen and TTC and every1 a__sumes that ur just a lonely slapper who wants something to cuddle! aghhh xx


yeah ok - October 23

first off how do you support your baby at the age of 15, 16 even 18??? and don't tell me your 7$ an hour job does it cause it doesn't!!! what about insurance???? formula alone is like 25$ a can, diapers about the same, not to mention costs of the hospital, shots check-ups?? you tell me how, and i'll apologize!!!


Casey - October 23

ok all u people need to stop judging teens just coes im 16 doesnt mean i cant take care of a baby, for all ur information i have a very high paying job i get $17.46hr so please tell me how am i not going to care for my baby, im sure im earning more then most of u, and i have a very loving bf that works too, so dont judge people untill u get to no them, i dont judge u so please dont judge me. just cos im 16 doesnt mean im not mature.


Angel - October 23

How do you support a baby at 18? For goodness sake! How do you think you support a baby at the age of 18!!! You have a stable partner that has a good job and is willing to work once you give birth! And also you would have a job which supports you with maternity leave while you have the child. Although I'm a t University, i still have a job and enjoy it very much, i get a good pay and know that even the job i had could support my family along with b/f's wage. When i put the degree into perspective you can see that i will hopefully have an even better job once i graduate. Some teens have experienced a lot in their life you know - not saying that it should automatically grant them a baby, but soem people have had it hard and act around 25 before there even 20! So give us teens a break, we're not all dying for something to play with, or cuddle! Some of us know thaqt the person we are with is the person we want to be with for the rest of our lives! A baby comes when it can be supported and loved, provided wioh everything - with no trouble. If you can provide love, support, time , effort- and most of all "want" to do all that, then why the heck not! Some people don't have a clue and they are the ones that aren't welcome on this thread!!!!!!! Any other thoughtful words welcome. Thank you


Angel - October 23

Oh and to YEAH OK: In the U.K, healthcare is affordable. I don't intend to put disposable nappies on my baby, i prefer to be environmentally friendly. You don't have to pay for check-ups here in the UK or any appt for that matter. You reallllllly think i would be considering this if I thought I mightent be able to afford food!?!?!? Where's that apology then?


to the stupid one - October 24

I am not a teen but you are actually on the wrong forum this is for teenagers there are many other sites for other ages so if you don't like it find a site you do like. TO ANGEL, good on you i'm from the uk and it's a totally different ball game we are luck to have the NHS and Tax credits because it still means you can work and get afew extra pounds to help make ends meet. And no this is not welfare tax credits are avalible in the uk if you earn less then £50,000 to help with child care costs.


Angel - October 24

Thank you to who-ever wrote that. At least its proof that people don't have a clue.


me - October 24

The NHS is not welfare. If that was the case people who work wouldn't be ent_tled to it. To "Teens are crazy", have you noticed this forum is called "Teen pregnancy" ? That might give you a bit of a clue as to why teens are here... And no teens don't have to 'take the abuse'. Obviously, because you said 'to all teens.. go away', you are an adult, this goes to prove that a lot of adults can be very childish and can't conduct theirselves in a mature, supportive manner. Might I suggest you learn to use the site properly and realise that this is the teen pregnancy section, and that you view the information about the forums which clearly states abuse is not tolerated.


Liz - October 24

Your post has my name written all over it. I am 18 and have been TTC since July, I stopped bcp in late June. I was on the depo from April 2004-Dec 2004, I think it is having some effects still, obviously because I am not preggers yet. Im hoping for a bfp in a couple weeks. af is due 11/3


to teens are crazy - October 24

this site is for who ever why do u think u have to click on the teen pregnancy b___ten to get here duh go to your grown up place since your so much better


Angel - October 25

hey liz great to hear someone is genuinely in the same boat. Have u got an email address that i could add to my msn so we can talk in private away form all of this abuse. My af is due in a week and half! She better not show her ugly face.



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