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Confuzzled - December 2

Ok I don't know if this is going to sound stupid but here we go. I am a virgin and have been with my boyfriend for just over 8 months. I stayed over his house almost a month ago and we slept in the same bed (as in literally slept). I wore pyjamas and he kept the clothes he'd been wearing that day on. In the morning we were I guess you'd call it 'making out' in bed and (I feel mega embarrassed saying this) the position we ended up was him on top of me. The thing is, I get aroused really easily just by kissing and when I went to the bathroom after both my underwear and trousers were soaked (sorry it has to be said!) But nothing s_xual happened. I'm about a week late having my period although I had spots of blood earlier in the week. I've been getting twinges in my tummy but it's just been gas. If it helps any, I had a bit of a stressful week following the time I spent over his house cos I had lots of uni work to do so think this might have potentially set me off course, and it wouldn't be the first time I've been late. However, I can't help but worry that I might be pregnant. Is it possible to get pregnant in the situation I described?


Steph - December 2

I'm 99% sure that your not pregnant. If there was no actual intercourse, then chances are super slim. The fact that you were extermely aroused would not make a difference either. That's normal!! Being stressed out is going to make a huge impact on whether or not you start your period on time as well. If you are really scared, get a cheap home pregnancy test to ease your mind. Maybe you and your boyfriend (if you are planning on having s_x) should discuss which type of birth control you should be on.


DONT WORRY - December 2

worrying that you are pregnant and not starting your period will definately delay your period more! Because the two of you did not have intercourse, you are not pregnant. It sounds that because you were so aroused, you simply lubricated yourself rather than him getting anything on you, which is perfectly normal! When girls are turned on, they become more and more "wet" so to speak. Both of you had clothes on and if nothing s_xual happened, you are not pregnant. Do not stress about it because that will cause your period to come later, worrying you even more! Plus, if you are worried NOW about being pregnant, how are you going to feel if the two of you are together again or decide to go further. The people that should truly be worried about pregnancy should be those who have unprotected s_x.


Dianne - December 2

Not much chance you're pregnant. Most likely stress. If you are so stressed from this experience, you better slow down and take stock. Sounds like you are going to have to think about this relationship and how you are going to keep yourself from getting pregnant. Decide ahead of time what your limits are and stick to them no matter what.


Confuzzled - December 3

Thank you everyone for your help, that really has helped me calm down! :-D Will definitely chat to my boyfriend tomorrow when I see him! Take care!



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