Any One Got Drunk While Pregnant And Had Heathly Baby

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scared - March 6

had 9 alcopops and im worried!!!got carried away.might be 14 weeks.


Brat - March 6

just so you know when you get drunk enough to be tipsy then you are drunk enough for your baby to be drunk for days. If you know that you are preggo why even drink? I am 35 weeks and never had one drop of anything. Not even wine that you use in cooking. Its all a matter of priorities


Lo - March 6

Heey before you go callin her any names you should first understand the situtation... shes obviously worried otherwise she wouldn't have come her to asked she feels bad for what she did... just make sure you don't do it again hun since u do have a little one in you :0)


Britt - March 6

Hey, forget the haters..we all make mistakes. I mean, you shouldn't be drinking but obviously you know that or you wouldn't be concerned. I'm sure it will be fine, just don't drink again or do anything else that could harm it.


Mommy2Kylie - March 6

Well - If you didn't know you could be pregnant and had some drinks, then thats a simple mistake. BUT if you knew you could be pregnant, then thats not okay, you're putting your 'possible' baby at risk and thats not cool at all. I hope you figure things out. No more drinking until you find out if you're pregnant.


KM - March 7

I drank a lot before i found out, and I found out at 7 wks.I stopped as soon as I knew my baby, thus far, is a healthy one.


becca - March 7

i drank quite alot for the first 3/4 months of my pregnancy it was summer holidays and i didnt no i was pregnant im due any day now well acyually im late but nothing seems to be wrong with the baby but i wouldnt advise drinkin any more im so annoyed that i didnt no i was pregnant when i drank


Lisa - March 7

I used to drink quite regularly before i found out i was pregnant, i was about 6 weeks pregnant, since then i never drank again. I also gave up smoking as soon as i knew. My baby was born 3 weeks ago and she was a healthy 8lb 1ounce.


Kay - March 8

On new years eve i drank way to much a very large bottle of vodka. I didnt know i was pregnant as i done a test before and it turned negitive ...... I was actaully 6 weeks when i took a test 1 week later.But i am over 3 months and everything is fine ... Id understand if you didnt have a clue that you were pregnant but surely if you did know that you were/might then surely the lat thing would be to go out and drink............ Remember not to do it again eh Everyone loves a healthy baby ;)


scared - March 8

my tests are negative but no normal period for months.


Nel - March 8

I would go get your hormone levels checked. You could have polycystic ovaries (PCOS). And to 'me', grow up and stop your silly ranting. She didnt even say she WAS pregnant.


scared - March 9

i am waiting for results of smear test.if period doesnt come this month then i will see a doctor again


a - March 9

I got drunk once before I found out I was pregnant and have had no problems. As a general rule of thumb you should not worry to much about how much you drank before you found out that you were pregnant, but instead focus on keeping you diet and lifestyle healthy in the present. Obviously _avoid all alcohol_ if you suspect pregnancy or are pregnant, but lots of women drink casually before they have any suspicion of pregnancy and have healthy babies. Don't worry, just focus on what you can do to have a healthy pregnancy now!


HI - March 12

My best mate got drunk while pregnant and her baby is VERY healthy. Dont worry justr dont do it again


Kha-asia - March 12



Kandi - March 23

Try not to worry too much hun, obviously because you did drink there is a chance the baby could be born with health problems or even at risk of miscarriage or stillbirth. However, my mate drank throughout her pregnancy and she now has a healthy 11 month old son. If you are really worried about your baby, get it checked out with your doctor. Good Luck. x


dandy - March 23

DARLENE: I dont know where you get your information. Im sorry but your post just rubbed me the wrong way, I dont usually start anything like this if i dont agree with someone. But telling a young girl that you smoked all through your pregnancy and drank , then saying to her that there are no studies that show that there are any birth defects from doing these things is downright stupid. You can look up on the internet any pregnancy web site and it will tell you that ciggarette smoking as BAD and alcohol is a BIG no no. As for ciggarettes it can cause placenta abruption, it lowers the amound of oxygen your baby gets, increases risk of asthma, low birth weight, increases risk of leukemia later in life, there are a ton more! And as for alcohol.... delayed development, cleft lips, mental retardation, deformed teeth and facial features, reduced growth. These are just a few. Remember, everytime you get drunk you baby is also. Dont listen the this darlene person. I feel sorry for her child.



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