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Jessica - October 19

My name is Jessica and I'll be 19 next week. I'm 6 months pregnant and I'm really excited but I'm also really scared. I'm still with my boyfriend but the problem is that we just don't have that much money. Me and him live with my mom right now and she wants us out by December and that's ok because I wouldn't bring my baby here anyways because of her heavy smoking that she won't give up. My boyfriend only makes $1000 a month and he's already working more than 40 hours. I have been trying to get a job just until I get closer to my due date to have some money but no one will hire me because I'm pregnancy(although they won't admit that). I live in Massachusetts and the cheapest apartment is like $700. With only $1000 we would never survive. I'm so scared that I won't be able to give my baby anything or that we will have no place to go. Apartments are hard to get because we have no credit and we can't get a low income apartment because they aren't even excepting applications. I know it sounds like I'm complaining but I'm just so scared and I don't know what to do. If anyone has any suggestions on what I should do I would really appreciate it. Thank you!


E - October 19

What city do you live in?


E - October 19

Jessica, I do not know what to say. Sounds like you need state a__sistance as you cannot live on $1000/month. I live in Boston and know the costs a__sociated with this state. Do you have health insurance? Here are some links and they don't lool ideal but if you plan to keep this baby under such unideal circ_mstances, you may have no choice. ---------------------------------------------------- Healthy Start (Pregnancy Hotline): Monday - Friday, 9 A.M.- 5 P.M. a__sists pregnant women applying for public insurance coverage (Healthy Start or Medicaid). Referrals to doctors or nurse-midwives, WIC (Women, Infant & Children)and other services. 1-(800) 531-MOMS -------------------------------------------------------- Welfare Client Services: Monday - Friday, 9 A.M. - 5 P.M. Questions on eligibility guidelines for public welfare programs: AFDC; foodstamps; Emergency a__sistance for elderly, disabled and children; Medicaid; and Emergency a__sistance. 1-(800) 841-2900


E - October 19

Also, have you heard of Craigslist? Possibly you could do some babysitting to earn extra money. This is the link: Look under "childcare" and you can post an ad for free. The entire site is free. Perhaps you can work for a family for a reduced rate once your baby is born and take your baby to work with you? This would be a great way to save money and make it at the same time. ---


Jessica - October 19

I live in Lowell. I'm currently on WIC but that doesn't do much. I'm not sure if Welfare could help me because I'm still with the baby's father and I think its only for single parents but I could be wrong. I just feel helpless because my boyfriend works so much and I really want to work but it seems like no one wants to give me a chance. I just want everything to be ok and there is no way I can give up my baby. That's not even an option. I'm just hoping everything will turn out for the best.


E - October 19

So is babysitting an option for you? Seems like it is a great solution. I wish you the best. You can post an ad for Lowell in the childcare section. I am sure someone in Lowell needs a sitter:)


krista - October 19

Jessica, I so know what you're going through and how hard it is in that situation. I am 18 and due in a month.I still have to go to school after christmas for the mornings to get 3 credits that I am missing. So I can't really work,take care of a newborn, and go to school.I am still with my bf too, he's almost 21 and he works 50 hrs a week. He only makes about 700 give or take every two weeks. and we cannot afford an apartment either. I also can't get a job because I am pregnant and have been on and off bedrest for high bp. I am not eligible for welfare because I am with the baby's father and he makes too much money apparently.. even tho we can't even afford a place to live and food and baby expenses with his income.I HATE living with my parents,because my mother and I don't get along with ANYTHING...and I hate having to expose my baby to the way she talks to me sometimes.She has made my whole pregnancy so miserable, I have regular appointments with mental health because the emotional stress she gives me is too much and causing physical stress too. It really sucks when you are trying to do the right thing and keep your baby,and a place like where I live abortions aren't legal,, they want teen mothers to keep their babys so bad but give them little to no financial a__sistance to even be able to live.And MANY teens get kicked out of their homes when they become pregnant. I know I am lucky because my parents are letting my bf and I live with them until i finish school.Even tho the stress of living here is high, at least we can sleep and eat for free!


krista - October 19

...(wrote too much lol)Maybe talk to your mom if she can help you figure out some options..also does your bf have parents that might be willing to give you a place to stay until things get easier? If you do however, find yourself able to afford an apartment and credit is an issue, perhaps see if your mom is willing to co-sign the lease.Good Luck with everything, I hope it works out :)


Daile - October 20

Just a thought, but you aren't required to tell your employers that you're pregnant when you apply for the job. Find a job that you can do that won't include heavy lifting or anything like that, and then after you've worked there a couple of weeks, inform the boss of your due date. They can't fire you for being pregnant if it doesn't conflict with the job!!


AJ - October 20

move to england, u get loads of money from the government here


Dazai - October 20

u should have planned the kid properly and waited til u were financially stable now u be worryin its ur own fault. & yeah u do have to tell them u are pregnant when u start work. why didn't u have a job b4 u decided to have unprotected s_x..


Jessica - October 22

For your information Dazai, I did have a job at the time but it was seasonal which means it ended a few weeks ago. I'm planning to get a job for the next 2 months. Things happen. I'm not ashamed that I'm having a baby because I already love it and it's not even born yet. Yes I'm worried but I am sure I will find a way to make it. So know the whole story before you start judging.


Dazai - October 22

I wasnt judging. Plus i didnt say u should be ashamed. Ur own words girl, showin what u really think of urself


Here's what I'd do - October 23

If I were you, since you live in Ma__sachusetts, I'd contact Senator Ted Kennedy and ask him for some financial help. He is a socialist and believes the government should give handouts to people even if it is their own doing. He's probably got lots of experience dealing with unplanned pregnancies.


Dazai - October 23

I'll always speak my mind, say what I like. Will you always have nothing to do than point out the way people type? Kiss my deriere.


Lea - October 24

I really hope you figure out a way to make your own money, because I am really sick of my taxes going towards people who have kids before thinking about where the money will come from, because it's expensive. You can do it, the babysitting thing sounds good, or maybe you can start a daycare- my mom has been doing that for 30 years in the home and she makes a fortune. Honestly, I think we should abolish the welfare system and maybe more people would think before having kids. Good Luck.


Daile - October 24

Lea, abolishing welfare won't help anyone. Women will still get pregnant, accidentally or not, without the finances to support the child. The only difference will be that many of these babies will then be aborted or die within the first few years of life due to malnutrition and a lack of medical care. You want to see what life would be like without welfare? Look at almost any third world country. Babies starve to death everyday, or die from a disease that can easily be cured. Getting rid of welfare is equivalent to sentencing thousands of innocent children to death every year. Do you really want that to happen??



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