Any Teens With Babies Here

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kelly - November 3

Hello, my name is Kelly and I am 19. I have a baby boy, and Iam wondering if there are any other teen moms here, because all the posts I see are about girls who think they possibly might be preg, thats not me !! My bay is 5 months. I just want to chat!!


jimena - November 3

hey kelly, i got a daughter thats 7 months, I live in Brooklyn and i do cosmetology. I just turned 20...


Mommy - November 3

Hey! My names Shauna and I have 2 boys. I'm 17 years old, and the are 17 months and 6 months.


rachel_18 - November 4

hey am nearly 19 and have got two twin baby boys aged 10mnth and am preg again if ny1 wants to chat


Liana - November 4

Hello! I have an almost 1 year old daughter and a baby boy on the way!! I am a little worried, I considered adoption, but not anymore. Do you guys work, or how do you provide for your kids?? I have my baby's pics at


channy - November 29

hey im chantel and im 18. i had my baby girl in april/05 and shes 7 months. if wanna chat, add moi


erica - November 29

im 19 with a 2 month old boy, if ya wanna talk:)


Molly - November 30

I also am looking for someone to chat. New mommy here...little boy born sept 27 he is now 2 months old. All of my friends are in college and most of them think its cool that i had a baby ..but its not the same talking to them anymore because they dont know what its like to have a baby...It really would be nice if anyone would like to talk to me that has a baby too...My aim screen name is ANDIMAHIPPY and my email is Ttyl!!


Mia - November 30

Hi, my baby boy is almost 3 weeks old. My msn is and yahoo is kencocrayzee. I dont know many young people with babies at all!


Raecheal - November 30

Hi I am 16 and I am pregnant I am not sure what I am having... my s/n is hunnibear2008 if anyone wants to fill me in on what is ahead of me on the long trail of caring for a baby? thanks...


Vickie - December 1

HI, im 16 years old, ive got a month old little girl and i live in Devon UK. email is


shay - December 1

hey kelly just thought id let u know your not alone we might not be the same age but i know how u feel


sara - December 1

I'm now 20 with an 8 month old daughter named Gemma.


Keri - December 1

Heya! I'm new on here. I am 15 and I have a baby girl called Jesica (I know it's spelt differently) and she is a week old today...


Britt - December 1

I'm 19, have a 14 month old son and another on the way. Hows motherhood going girls? I know everyone says it's hard but I've really enjoyed spending my time with my son and helping him grow up and learn new things!!



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