Anybody Else 19 Here Maybe I Can Get A Mature Answer

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Laura - February 9

I'm 19- 4 weeks pregnant, first child, and just wondering if anybody else is still in the first trimester? And experiencing stomach cramps? I know my t_tle may seem rude- sorry but the silly kids that think they know everything on the abortion statement are annoying me!


Kay - February 9

I know what you mean even some "19" year olds make the silliest remarks. Yes i am in the first trimster and i am 8 weeks and 6 days pregnant. I got alot of stomach cramps when i was around 4 -6 weeks and then they stopped. Are you expericning them like when you are about to start your period ?Those sort of cramps. As if you are worried about that, dont becasue its your body changing and its normal :D Seems scary though because i thought i was having a misscarrige but midwife explained this happnes during pregnacy . Hope everything is fine for you.;)


Laura - February 9

Cheers hun, Guess i can blame my frustration on mood swings!!!!!!! : - 0 I have the same worries really. But it's good to hear that some are in the same boat. How are things going for you?


Kay - February 9

I am not going so good , i am having horrible morning sickness , not just morning all day . I cant seem to eat anything or keep it down . I cant eat meals and i have totally gone of any type of meat which i used to love ! I also cry at the stupidist things like adverts , and sily things that dont matter ! but my emotions are everywhere ! My boyfrined thinks its hilerous ! But things are getting better which is brilliant so i can at last get a good night sleep without being sick. I have gone past the worst bit. *fingers crossed * i hope ;)


Laura - February 9

Eat a cracker before bed and when you wake up- supposed to help. 8 weeks! god i'm starting been sick now- another four weeks will kill me! My fiance's the same. What did your parents say? or don't they know yet?


To laura - February 9

To think some of these immature girls (not women) are goign to have little babies makes me cringe (I'm not saying to give it up or not so don't get all testy) Anyway, Laura, I noticed some other forums on here have more adult responses...under the General Pregnancy Catagory and such...maybe you can get some better answers there! Good lucky Sweetie!


To Laura cont. - February 9

and the not giving it up comment and not getting tesy remark wasn't directed to you, it was directed to al of the immature girls that will respond in some rude manner! :-)


KM - February 9

Hi Laura, I'm 19, but not in my first tri :) lol I have an 11 week old son. It's perfectly normal to have stomach cramps in early pregnancy. Especially after s_x or orgasm. It's just everything stretching and the baby implanting itself. BTW, congratulations on your pregnancy.


to laura - February 9

i also am not pg anymore, but i remember those pains in the beginning, dr told me that it was like everyone else said everything is stretching, mainly at this time your utuerus, it's the legaments, nothing to be worried about and congrats. keep us posted


Mommy2Kylie - February 10

Im 19 and I have a 3 month old little girl, so Im not in the first trimester. If you're only 4 weeks, Im not sure what the cramping could be, but if you start spotting then you should talk to the doctor. It could just be your muscles stretching.


Hilary - February 10

I had my baby, but slight cramps are normal in the first tri!


Laura - February 10

Cheers guys- and thew "to Laura" don't worry about it- I understood what you meant. If people are not able to accept that others have a choice in life then they still have a lot of growing up to do. For them to have children with those views is going to ensure that their kids have them! I really don't feel that is right. I'll check out the other site as well. Cheers x


Kimberly - February 10

Ok, i'm in my third trimester but I had some stomach cramps all through my first trimester if that helps at all. I'm sorry i'm not 19 i'm 16 but I hope that helps


Kay - February 10

Yea my parents are alright about it , really happy acatully which was wierd. I thought they would be mad as i am having a baby younger then they thought . My mum has brought alot of baby clothes already ! and i am not even into the 2nd trimster ! But its all good i am getting treated like a princess from my boyfrined :D how about yours ? Did they take it well ?


hi laura - February 10

well from what i have read in all the forums...cramping is one of the symptoms from pregnancy and there is nothing to worry about...although i didnt experience any cramping when i had my daughter, i think it is pretty normal.....also i think i may be pregnant again and also feeling these cramps...


KM - February 10

It's totally normal, I had the cramps so bad. And yeah the general pregnancy section on this forum is Way better. I posted there for most of my pregnancy and got to talk with some really great women.


PregnancyIsGreat - February 19

i know its says your looking for someone aged 19, but i'm 15 and this is my second pregnancy. My first was a freak accident, however i miscarried due to stress from the father. You can experience Stomach Cramps right up until 16 weeks if your unlucky. Just stay aware of whats going on, if you see any changes e.g. Blood, cramps get worse, consult the midwife, or if you start bleeding go to hospital. They may refuse to do an ultrasound at first like with me, but demand that you have one. This is your baby. Just take in the advice and hope everything goes well for you and your unborn lil' one.



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