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KDQ - May 18

Hey i was wondering why some women get their period when their pregnant and if its a normal period or is it lighter and shorter?? Also i was wondering if you can get pregnant from dry s_x?? I've read so many diff things and id really like 2 noe the right thing thanx


Ddvinson3 - May 18

Yes you can still have a period and be pregnant. I had mine for 3 months and I was pregnant. It was a much lighter period and not much cramping it was kind of like the tale end of a period ya know just real light. And no you can't get pregnant from dry s_x. But be careful ecspecially if you have your clothes off. If you don't mind me asking how old are you?


Emma2 - May 18

Sorry to inform the both you of but technically the answer is NO. You cannot get your period when your pregnant and no one ever will. What you will get is some bleeding or spotting which in no way resmebles or is defined as your period. In order to get your period it menas you ovulated and ovulation ceases once your pregnant. So the answer is NO you cannot get your period and if you bleed it is NOT called having your period. Ask your dr. and they will be able to clarify!


midnight_drift - May 18

Actually emma, I got my "period" while pregnant, (not trying to be mean, so I apologize ahead of time if I sound that way). It wasn't ovulation, BUT it was normal period bleeding, and my doctor said it was fine. I got slight spotting after the fake period, and before. Also, no you can't get pregnant from dry s_x. Anyone that tells you that you can get pregnant with clothes on is lying. o_o;


KDQ - May 19

yer some people tell me u can get pregnant from dry s_x others say u can' i was realli confused....also with the period thing i thought it was odd tht women still get offence to anyone..but isnt that bad for the baby?? i heard that women don't get their period coz the baby needs that blood....or have i been misinformed yet again?? and to Ddvinson3 im 17....


Mandy1984 - May 19

Hi there, No it is not possible to get your 'period' when pregnant. Some women can have bleeding that is as heavy as a period but it couldn't possibly be a period. Your period comes if an egg is NOT fertilizied then your uterus will contact slightly (period cramps) to rid itself of the unfertilized egg and uterine lining. Your uterus automatically becomes thicker in the 2weeks leading up to your period to be able to allow a fertililized egg to implant, If there is no fertilized egg then the uterus HAS to rid of the thick lining its grew hence the blood. If you were to get an actual 'period' while pregnant then when the uterus lining sheds itself then the embryo (baby) would also come out with the blood as it is attached to the thickened lining. Some women do expierence bleeding that looks no different to a normal period but techinally it can't be a period


midnight_drift - May 19

Well, it depends. Yes the baby "needs the blood" in a way, but bleeding is normal during pregnancy unless it's heavy and you have severe cramping. Once you do, it could lead to a miscarriage.


Emma2 - May 19

Midnight , NO you didnt get your period....You had bleeding that you think is your period....Trust me its not a period....Scientifically it is not called mentrustion because that only happens when your NOT pregnant and ovulation has occured....And NO bleeding in pregnancy is no considered NORMAL in anyway shape or form.


midnight_drift - May 19

I know I didn't get my period, that's why when I posted I put quotes around it and said there wasn't ovulation or that. My doctor said my bleeding was normal


Emma2 - May 19

Youre dr. is a quack sorry....There is no normal bleeding in pregnancy ...absolutely none! Some are more concerning than others but normal it is not! I would think of going to another dr. because of he is giving you that info i can imagine what else he is telling people.


Emma2 - May 19

KDQ..the baby doesnt need the blood like you may think...The lining of your uterus is where the baby is attached and if you had a period the baby would come out with everything else...So some bleeding is known for different reasons but all the same it is not considred normal and should be discussed with your dr. and even at that your dr. cannot do anything about it .


kayla_shauntel_05 - May 19

I think the bleeding that is similar to a period is called "implantation bleeding". At least that is what I was taught in Human Growth and Development during nursing school. It is caused when the fertilized egg implants into the wall of the uterus. I can't remember if at that stage it is called a blastocyst or a zygote. It is like a light period, but I did not experience it so I can tell you first hand.


kayla_shauntel_05 - May 19

I meant I can NOT tell you first hand. I think you might want to mention that to your doctor or go see a doctor. Any bleeding at all during pregnancy can indicate a problem. Some women do spot and still have a normal pregnancy, but that can be a sign that something is wrong at the same time. I really do not know if you can get pregnant from dry s_x. I would think that it is very unlikely, but I am sure you will find someone out there who would tell you that you can. Odds of getting pregnant from dry s_x are very minimal I would think. I am not a doctor by no means though.


KDQ - May 20

ok this is all really then if some women get light bleeding and others get more heavy bleeding...then how the hell do you know if your pregnant or not?? is it when you don't ovulate...i know this is gross but is that when that sort of whitish discharge comes out??


Mandy1984 - May 20

discharge dosn't really matter, Nor should bleeding be a sign of pregnancy, I am on my 4th pregnancy and each have been very different, With #1 I got no discharge, bleeding ect #2 I bled on and off til 13 weeks, Every pregnancy is different as well as everybodys symptoms, The only way to determine pregnancy is to wait until your period is a day late then take a test, If the results are negitive but you still have no period wait 3 days and re-test, Other than that the only person how could give you the answers is a doctor via a blood test... It is harder to read pregnancy signs as a teenager I think, because when I was 14 plus yrs I would skip a few periods, bleed between periods ect.... It can take a while for your periods to become regular, all these things can make you stress out making your period later!!!


Evonna - May 20

Okay, i am confused!!!!!!!


Evonna - May 20

Because my doctor told me your not suppose to bleed during pregnancy unless it was implantation period!!



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