Anyone A Stretch Mark Expert

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Big mumma - May 14

Hi all, Im 19 and 28 weeks pregnant and have very large very dark stretch marks on my tummy that almmost appeared from day one. I am just wondering if any of you have had the same preblem and if you can give me some tips on how to get rid of them or at least make them less obvious once baby is born. Are there any products that you would suggest that I use?? I dont want them to stick out once I have my baby, im getting to the stage now that I think they are so disgusting that I dont even want to get undressed infront of my fiance. Help!!


Bebita_Linda - May 14

use cocoa b___ter sticks or creams they do help alot


Ca__sie06 - May 15

I am 28 weeks and havent gotten any stretch marks yet. I have been using cocoa b___ter and creams since the day I found out I was pg! lol. I use "stretch mark solution" 100% cocoa from Bath and Body Works and it works wonders!! I love it!! And I had a few stretch marks on the inside of my legs from high school when I lifted a lot and they are gone after I used this cream on them!


Evonna - May 15

There is no way you will get rid of stretch marks but they do have creams where it will make them less visible. They say the best results come from putting cocoa b___ter sticks or creams on your tummy before you start to show, and use them everyday. I am 28 weeks pregnant and i have no stretch marks, and i have also been using cocoa b___ter sticks they day i found out i was pregnant.


corinne - May 15

Moderma is something that helps make stretch marks less visible. I use it.


Corrine321 - May 15

Hey- I'm not a stretch mark expert but I know where your coming from.. I have stretch marks there very low and only some are actually dark.. but barely any.. But what ive heard that works is keep using cocoa b___ter even after the baby, it will help fade them quite a bit! Good Luck!! By the way im 35 weeks.. Hope the rest of your pregnancy site goes best!!


Big mumma - May 15

I was using cocoa b___ter cream but when I went to the doctor he asked me what I was using, he said that cocoa b___ter wasnt any good and that it only got to the top layer of skin. although he told me not to worry bout cocoa b___ter he didnt tell me what I could use instead. Doctors are great sometimes arent they, oh so helpful. I will keep using the cocoa b___ter and if I find a miricle cream ill let you know might try the health shop. thanks for your help.


Lillie E - May 17

is the dark stretch mark from like your belly b___ton going striaght down? i had the same thing, but it wasn't a stretch mark. i didn't get any stretchmarks during my pregnancy. i used the palmers cocoa b___ter for stretch marks and around 7 months i started putting extra virgin olive oil on my b___bs, belly, hips, and legs. i kinda slacked off with putting it on my b___bs after i had my son, and that was a bad idea. you can't fully get rid of stretch marks, you can only make them less visible. people say stretch marks are genetic, some say you can't prevent them, but i believe you can. my mom went 1 night without using the oil because she was too tired when she got home and she had them ALL over the next morning. i didn't take any chances.



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