Anyone Being Pressured To Adopt Or Abort

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COLLEEN084 - February 13

It seems like the younger you are, the more pressure you get--from all sorts of people. Like the father, the father's family, YOUR family sometimes. Do you guys get annoyed with this too?


COLLEEN084 - February 13

P.S. I just thought I'd add that I'm not a pregnant teen but I'm 23 and many ppl feel with me being single and young they have the right "state" my options over and over again. Thought maybe some ppl could relate.


amanda17 - February 13

yes all the time. even strangers feel the need to put their two cents in.


COLLEEN084 - February 13

yep I feel ya the single and pregnant section a woman put one out there saying "if anyones confused and alone"--or something like that--"we have a very loving family who is great with kids." I got very upset. It's like, hello! That's fricken soliciting babies online! We get it enough everywhere else.


amanda17 - February 13

I haven't told everyone about my pregnancy yet but those who i have told pretty much had the same reaction "OMG GET AN ABORTION!" its like jeeze thanks for throwing that in my face. how about i abort you instead you jerk >:[ haha. okay that was an awful comeback. when i told my brother, who's in jail at the moment, i wrote him a letter... he wrote back saying like oh i'll adopt your kid i'm ready to be a dad... i was like yeah.. this baby is going to be born before you even get out of jail so i'm thinking even though you're older than me i'm MUCH more mature than you. i'm scared about when i'll start to show--everyone is going to be whispering about me. its bad enough i have to take all the judgments from my family, i dont need it from a bunch of strangers too.


tish212 - February 14

the sad thing amanda is that no matter what u do ppl r gonna talk. when I was pregnant my hands swoll up so I couldn't wear my wedding rings and I look younger than I am so I constantly had older woman come up to me and ask me how I planned on doing it alone and why didn't I abort... and when I would tell them I'm 24 and married they'd think I was lying...also tons of ppl would whisper. and u know that they r thinking the same thing or dd was planned and yet ppl swore she wasn't and that there was no way I could do it. its sad that so many ppl judge what they don't know, yet they will always do that... and what's worse is how even women think that other women can't do it alone... that's sad that women can't be more supportive of eachother. all I can say is if u let those ppl get to u...then uve let them win...ignore em and prove to everyone u can do it.


Teddyfinch - February 14

colleen: i seriously have to say that you probably pressure women more to not give in to adoption than people are pressuring them into adopting. i really think that before you accuse someone of doing something, you read into what you are accusing them of first. so please, keep your preaching to one board.


amanda17 - February 14

its just that, i'd love for everyone to know because i am so looking forward to being a mom. i wish i had been smart enough to protect myself so i could get pregnant when i was ready, so i could tell everyone right away and have them be happy and excited for me. i love my baby more than anything and what hurts me a lot more than what people are saying about me, is that they think my baby is better off dead. i wanna walk down the street and have people congratulate me instead of hiss in disgust toward me... i'm not a disgusting person, i'm not addicted to s_x, i don't have any stds, i don't do any drugs, i do well in school... but they all a__sume i'm this disgrace to the world. bleh, if they took the time to sit down and talk to me for at least a few minutes maybe they'd understand.


bellybubble - February 14

Wow tish212- I cant believe there are people that are sooo rude that they would actually come up to you on the street and say those things to you - I hope you flipped them the bird - hee hee - and your right the best thign to do is try to just ignore them (I know it is easier said then done!!) they dont even deserve you to waste your time on thinking about them! Happy pregnancies and bring on the bellies!!! hee hee.


COLLEEN084 - February 15

i am not preaching here teddyfinch...I'm venting and trying to gain some sense of "oh good I'm not the only one feeling shi**ty because of this." Obviously, you can see here that I'm not the only one. Sure, amandas getting pressured into abortion and not adoption as with me, but either way we share same sense of "This sucks! Wish ppl would just be excited for me and wouldn't tell me what to do or suggest my options over and over a million and one times!" I repeat, I was not preaching...I did not give any suggestions on what we should or should not do about the situation. I merely opened up a discussion to acknowlege it.


Merciii - February 19

When I got pregnant my childs dad tried to tell me to have an abortion and so did my parents. They kept on and on. I told them to shut up and mind their own business. No one tells me what to do with my body and my child, end of. People don't need to give into this pressure, no matter how hard they try to be. At the end of the day, they cannot physically force you to lie in a clinic and get an abortion, and they cannot sign those adoption papers for you.



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