Anyone Due Around Chritsmas Time

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Jodie86 - June 13

Hello, I'm due Dec 15th, i'm currently 13/14 weeks pregnant! I was just wondering if there was anyone else due around the same time, to keep in touch with, and have someone to compare and talk about things with! I heard my babies heart beat for the first time today, and i'm having my first scan on Thursday! So I'm so excited! Today has been the best day of my life so far, and i'm so happy!!!!


lizard_stinks - June 15

congrats! i already had my baby 8mnths ago


EricaLynn - June 15

Dec 22, but you already knew that.....


Trixiedoodle - June 15

Congrats. You're about a week or so ahead of me. I'm due Dec 22 and am on day 1 of my 13th week. We went through IVF. I've had 2 ulta-sound scans already, due to IVF monitoring process. I haven't heard the heart beat yet, but I've been told it's strong at 151 at approx 12.5 weeks. I am looking forward to hear it hopefully at my next scan. I generally cry the whole time during every scan. It's so amazing. We've been waiting for 7 years for this so we are thrilled too. Good luck on Thurs. Let us know how it goes!


dezzydoo18 - June 18

i am due dec 21 and i have had three ultra sounds so far. the first all you could see was the sac and the second it looked like a peapod and the third we saw its whole body! we go back on the 27th of this month! well i hope everyone is doing as well as i am and as happy! good luck!


midnight_drift - June 19

I'm due December 6th =). I am 15 weeks so far.


xadjektivex - June 22

Im due on christmas eve! Im 13 weeks and 5 days. it is very exciting


soonXtoXbe - June 25

Congrats to everyone! =] I'll be in my 15th week in two more days, and I can't wait until then. I finally get to do my first scan and I can't wait! X ] I was supposed to last week, but my Doc wasn't available =[ I can't wait to see my little girl! ^^ She's supposedly due the day after Christmas, so if the date stays where it is, I'll have a belated Christmas present . =D I'm a rambler =]



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