Anyone DUE In DEC

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Joelle - July 16

Hey how is everyone i am 16 weeks and 4 days pregnant and so excited im Due on Dec27th and thought this would be a wicked way to meet new people and chat about are pregnancys PLEASE get back... im finding out what im having next week:)


EricaLynn - July 16

Im due on Dec. 22. We dont know or want to know what we are having, I am now 17 weeks pregnant.


Joelle - July 16

awww congrats to you and your pregnancy isnt it hard not to find out what it is??? i wanna do that to but i also wanna go out and buy these cute cloths lol.. i have bought like everything little ducks and yellow and white and green thier very cute but ill see like a really cute little dress or a cute boy outfit and im like grrr i wish i knewn lool


detour4me - July 16

im due december 24 and i go back august 10 to find so excited.. a lil im only 17 and me and the father broke up so im a lil upset about it but ill live. good luck


pinkrox87 - July 17

hey, im 18 and due dec 8th with twins... these being my first :D i found out on 14/7 im having identical boys :D.. i couldnt wait to find out :P congrats to everyone and good luck :D


Joelle - July 17

Hey pinkrox87 how are you?? awwwwww Omg your having twins and thier boys thats soooooo cute i want twins lmao so bad. im finding out this week what im having im so excited


EricaLynn - July 17

Joelle, yes It is hard not knowing what s_x the baby is...My fiance thinks its a girl and I kind of think its a boy...we dont really have a gender preferance and we decided that we would rather have the surprise of when the baby is born then know ahead of time. But Im trying to find cute clothes that are yellow and green and stuff...unis_x stuff. We just want a surprise. Congrates on finding out though!


Joelle - July 17

Hey EricaLynn aww a surpize is always goood:):):) i so wanna do that but then again i have no pations and cant lol i wanna go out shopping so bad i have found really cute outfits like little duckies thier so cute hehe


xadjektivex - July 18

Hey Joelle. Im 18 weeks and due on december 24 i Find out what im having Aug. 11. Im very anxious i cant wait.


EricaLynn - July 18

I totally agree, I want to go shopping for little outfits right away. Dont get me wrong its really hard not knowing what gender the baby is, I want to know SO bad. But we made the decision to wait and I think it will feel more rewarding at the end. But my patients is wearing thin.....I cant wait to find out.


detour4me - July 20

i know i cant wait till august 10 the suspense is driving me nuts lol


Samantha1224 - July 21

Hey Joelle, I just wanted to say Congrats and that I'm Due December 24. I bet your excited too for your due date. Well Congrats again.


Samantha1224 - July 21

Hey Detour4me I saw that your due December 24 that's very exciting and I am too and I'm so excited!!!


detour4me - July 27

d__n its three people in here due dec 24..thats so cool lets see which one of us actually does deliver on dat date lol g/l


midnight_drift - July 29

I'm due December 6th =)! I found out what I was having at 18w and 1day. I am having a girl btw. Only thing, don't let yourself get wrapped up if you are having a girl/boy and you wanted a girl/boy. Just be glad they are healthy! ^_^


Bluespace86 - July 30

I'm 20 y/o and 20 weeks and 6 days gone with a boy ^^; Due December 11th...well actually the 19th but I think my doc did that because I'd be over 40 weeks and at that time they do inductions.



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