Anyone Else 19 And Pregnant

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Danielle19 - February 4

Hey im 19 and 20 weeks, im having a boy and really excited just wondering if any one else is in my situation? are you going to go to college or wait?


maren - February 4

hey its me again lol well right now im in my second semester of my freshman year in college. I am going back to school in the fall after i have my baby this summer. I have always wanted to go to college and i honestly think i wouldnt be doing me or the baby any good if i just give up. It will be hard but it wont be fair for me not to in the sense that with a college education i will be able to get a better more stable job than with out one. Again my aim is TyTazz4now.


TeenMommyNicki - February 4

That's awesome that you are still going to college. I had my first baby when I was 16, graduated HS (near the top of my cla__s at that :) quite proud of myself, lol) and now I'm in college with 4 kiddos (2 of them mine, 2 of them now biologically mine, but I love them all the same) and a hubby. If you ever need to talk to someone-because I know how school and a baby can stress you out sometimes) feel free to email/IM me- [email protected]


EricaP - February 5

Im 19 years old right now with a four month old. Im am a full time student in college. Mine is also a boy :) Its not easy with everything thats going on but so worth it. If you ever need to chat, my aim is ericacolleen2005, or msn [email protected]


Brittany - February 5

Hey I'm 19 and 19 weeks pregnant. I'm having a girl and this will be my second baby. My son is 16 months old. I'm waiting to go to college until my fiance' graduates. It's ok with me though, I love being home with my son. Good luck to you, we'll be having our babies around the same time, congrats on your baby boy!!


Marlene - February 7

Hi I'm 19 and will be 34wks pregnant on friday. I stopped college awhile ago due to money problems I now work at a credit processing company. I would like to go back in the fall but since I'm going to be a single parent I dont know how i'll handle work, my son, and school. Only time will tell....


lynne - February 8

hi i'm 19 and 22 weeks pregnant i am having a boy also. i dont go to college and i'm married so i dont have to work.


Bebita_Linda - February 8

Havin a baby shouldnt stop from goin to college or havin a career


candygurl19 - February 12

hay ma dont worry im in this situation im 4 weeks right now and im staying in skool till i can and thengoing bak .its good for you and your baby .and yes im also nineteen. its hard but you get use to it hang in there.



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