Anyone Else Due In August

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Tonia - January 4

I'm 17 and due August 4, just wanted to see if anyone else was and possibly compare symptoms and stuff. Lately I've had pretty bad morning sickness, it gets even worse if I haven't eatten withing the last 2 hours or so. I think I'm coming down with a cold, I'm really shaky, dizzy, and lightheaded too. I don't want to take too much of anything, even what the doctor says is okay, because I'm worried something could go wrong, my mother had over half of her pregnancies end in misdcarriages and my little sister was actually born dead, they revived her, so I'm already worrying. Also now I have to decide if I want to move somewhere else this summer or stay here. When I was little my father was abusive and so the baby isn't going to be staying in the same house as my father. My fiance's parents kinda want me to move to Las Vegas with them this summer, but I don't know if I want to, that's 7 hours south of where I live now, and this is where I've grown up. Any ideas if I should move or not?


courtney - January 4

no, not due in august thank the lord!!! lol, im due 4 days ago. let me tell you, this isnt the last cold your gonna get!! youll be very prone to getting sick due to a lower immune system for the baby, so id start gettin over not taking cold medicine!! take robitussin dm, thats perfectly fine to take, i promise. the shakiness, lightheaded, and dizziness are just a few of the wonderful perks about being pregnant!! its good that u wont be keeping your baby somewhere where abuse is a risk!! if u think moving with your fiance is whats best, then go for it. 7 hours is just a drive away...a long one....but u can do it in one day!! you should live where u think it will be most beneficial to you and your baby, dont worry about anyone else. good luck hun!!


rachel - January 5

hiya, i'm due on 4th of august as well, I'm just turned 16. I got morning sickness earlier on but it onli lasted a week luckily, lol. I've started getting a cold and crave popcorn chicken from KFC, lol. I've gone off foods as well tho. I seem to be tired a lot as well even tho i'm sleeping a lot. I haven't told my mum yet as i've not known that long and i'm pretty scared but if she goes mad my boyfriends mum sed i can move in with them, i also think this would be better for the baby as both parents would be living together. My boyfriend lives not too far away tho so its not too bad. Whether you should move or not is up to you, it would help as both parents are living together but would you be OK away from your family and the place you've grown up. My sister moved before she got pregnant and found it hard as she didn't know people but she's fine now. But the decisions for you to make nobody else.



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