Anyone Else Feel Like A WALRUS Or Fat

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LaurenKaylyn17 - June 28

Anyone else really stressed out about the weight gain, and how hard it's going to be to lose all the weight after the baby? I know I am. I am 4 months pregnant, and I feel like a giant blubbery piece of fat walking around. It really depresses me and I know its bothering my boyfriend. I am really trying to eat well, I don't even eat fastfood anymore or drink soda, and I also exercise. It doesn't seem to make one bit of a difference. I KEEP GETTING BIGGER AND BIGGER! Anyways, I am thinking of breaking up with my boyfriend because of this... I don't want him to see me. It's embarrassing and hurtful... so hurtful to look in the mirror and see myself look like this. I used to have a nice body, no stretchmarks, I wasn't overweight, I was 130 lbs! Not anymore... ANY ADVICE IT WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED! thanks... bye <3


BabyG - June 28

hey lauren, Your going to get bigger no matter what you have a baby growing in you, and im sorry your only going to get bigger, you are only at 4 months. It does go away after giving birth with the right excercise and diet. I am still working on it but once you have that baby its all worth it trust me! I dont know how long you have been with your bf but i dont think getting bigger from getting pregnant should be a reason to break up with him, its his baby too, and trust me once your 9 months pregnant you arent going to care what anyone thinks other than that you want that baby out now! Talk to him about how you feel tell him that you are self confident about this and some good compliments would help the self consiousness. I was about 198 right before i gave birth and im now 168 about i'm still working on it but i Love my Son more then anything I would go through it all over again if i had to! Good luck


Emma2 - June 28

Is he the babies father? if so, then you have a stupid reason for breaking up with him! what are u gonna do hide until the baby is born? this is the way your body is reaction to pregnancy , its not easy and yes, i feel like a cow too but its life and you need to think about the child for now . its only 5 months to go .


midnight_drift - June 28

I am 4 months too, and used to weight even less, and now I am like 140. I know how you feel, feeling fat, but it is natural. Don't break up with your boyfriend just because he will see you like that, when you get bigger and bigger, you will really get proud of the baby. I know how it is because I really don't go OUT and do things like go to the movies at night, or hang out at the mall, because well my tummy sticks out. I showed really early, so I am sorta big but now really. But I know how you feel. I find it that my husband thinks I look even prettier pregnant, so maybe your boyfriend does? And we still make love etc, and he tells me how beautiful I am.


LaurenKaylyn17 - June 28

I'm sorry if anyone thought I was bashing being pregnant or that I didn't like being pregnant. That's not it, I love this baby already and I am excited for when I am due to see it. I was just trying to say that it's depressing sometimes to have all these stretchmarks show up, and be all round and fat, and have such a hard time getting off of the couch already. I don't know I'm guessing it's just my hormones or something. I've always had issues with my weight or looking in the mirror. I also knew I was going to get big, but I didn't know already at 4 months I would be showing. When people ask me how far along they are like, "NO WAY! YOU LOOK ABOUT 5 OR 6 MONTHS." Now who wouldn't be feeling down if you got those comments or reactions from people? I know I do.


Jodie86 - June 29

It's totally normal to feel like this hunnie, I'm 15 weeks (almost 4 months) and everyone keeps telling me how big they think the babies going to be - i'm really showing! But if your getting down, just think, this year theres nothing i can do, your going to get bigger no matter what! And at the end of the year you'll see why it was so worth every stretchmark! Is there anything you can do to make your self feel better? Could you get a spray tan done, get your hair done, buy yourself something new? Sometimes everything and everyone is so focused on your baby/growing bump that you forget about YOU! I'm going to buy myself a new top at the weekend, as all my jeans dont do up, etc, and i've gotten a bit down about that lately! Especially with the summer here now! I don't have any stretchmarks or anything, but i do look big! I'm about 120lbs now, before i was 110lbs! Which seems a lot to me! I think you should ring a couple of friends up, and go and treat your self to something at the weekend! Make your self feel better! Unless you really hate/don't want to be with your bf anymore, then leave him, but not because of this hunnie! You'll be fine! And just remember, it's all baby! If you ever need to chat, let me know!


BabyG - June 29

hey Babe, i was really big too the doctor even said i was going to have a 10lb almost 11lb baby with the stress test and the ultra sound that they took i was so worried that i wasn't going to be able to have him v____aly ( i'm only 5'1'' and the doc said my pelvis has a little noc in it or something) then i went into labor and i had a 6lb 15 1/2 oz 20 inchs long son and a lot of it was fluid don't worry about it. if it was getting out of control your doctor would tell you. and when your pregnant and post preggo you have so many emotions going your hormones are on a hay day going nuts right now and some days you dont know which way is up and some days you just want to stay in bed all day. but once you have that baby i tell you it is all worth it, just hang in there girl!


LaurenKaylyn17 - June 29

Thanks Jodie and BabyG, I do forget about myself sometimes and I'm always so focused on the baby along with everyone else.



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