Anyone Else Get Pregnant While On Othro Tricycline Low

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christine - March 25

Hi. My name is Tina and I am almost 17 and just did a home test and I am pregnant. I started having s_x when I was about 14 for almost 3 years I did not use any protection to prevent STD or pregnancy. About 6 months ago I got a steady bf and we were have s_x about 3 times a week. So I went and got the pill as we weren't careful about withdrawl and my bf was coming in me more and more some time he want to stay and some times it told him not to withdraw. Two months ago I got a blatter infection and the doctor gave me an antibiotic to cure the infection. I did n't think about being on the pill and didn't tell her about being on the pill as I got the pill at a planned parenthood clinic rather than our family doctor. She did a pregency test as part of the normal tests she ask if I was s_xual active and I told her yes and we used condums and withdrawl so she did a routine pregnancy test and told me I was not pregnant so I was given the antibotics to treat the infection. I took both my birth control and antibotic for ten days as directed. I did not know that the antibiotic prevent the pill from being effective. We had s_x several times during the last half of the time frame without any other birth control method or using withdrawl. Now I find that I am pregnant I called the clinic and they told me the antibiotic pills likely reduced the effectiveness of my birth control. Has this happened to any on else. I have not told anyone not even my bf that the test was positive. I have not decided what to do but likely will not have an abortion.


Liz - March 25

Was it pennicillen that they gave you by any chance?? Because I was on antibiotics too and I'm starting to wonder if I'm pregnant..... w/b or you can email me [email protected]


To Liz - March 25

I think it was an antibiotic called amoxicillen. Im sure it wasn't penicillen as my dad is allergic to penicillen that we dont even have it in the house.



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