Anyone Else In The Same Boat

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MomaB - July 6

I am 17 and pregnant with my third child. My parents want me to consider adoption. I am not sure what I want but adoption is not totally out of the question. But it is such a big decision. I'm just not sure what to do.


Audrey - July 6

MomaB- You have to consider what is best for you and your future. There is such a thing as open adoption where you can remain in contact with your child and the adoptive parents if you wish.


Humm - July 6

I am not trying to be rude but why were you not on any type of birthcontrol? 17 and pregnant with child number three? I am 27 with one and trying for another, there is no way that I could imagine taking care of three children....I suspect they are ten to twelve months apart?


Julia - July 6


Julia - July 6

There is no dash between the n and s the computer somehow did that.


Jess - July 6

Holy child number 3? I had my first baby when i was 15 .. im now 17 im thinking of having another one but there? You would have your handsd full. But if your going to go and get pregnant , i belive its not fair to your child to be given away... if you decide to keep this baby , im sure they would be very thankfull, you'll make the right decision! Whats was it like gettin pregnant with your second? Was it alot harder? I just want to know cause im thinking of having another one? I have a site on herre " Another Child". if u wanna email [email protected] - July 6

MomaB, as a couple trying to adopt we appreciate your considering the possiblity. You are right, it is a big decision so make it wisely. There are several types of adoption from what they call "closed" to "open". We are hoping for an open adoption which means that we continue contact and possible visitation with the baby's mother through the years. If you would like to learn more about open adoption you can visit our website at There are links there to some great information on adoption. We wish you all the best in your decision. If you wish to speak offline our email is available on the site. All the best,


To Jess - July 7

The hardest thing about my pregnancies was recovering from the c-sec.


Angelina - July 7

hey im 17 and im about to have my second child.If you want you can email me at [email protected]


Nicole - July 8

This is your baby and I think it is really your call to make and not your parents. Nicole


MomaB - July 8

Angelina I tried to email you but it didn't work.


kate - July 8

think about ur child and not u, there are many moms and dads that want kids, think about that


Nicole - July 8

Make the decision with your heart and not with other peoples advice on here MomaB :) You can find ways to raise your baby. You can also find adoptive parents that will welcome you as well as your baby. We are in an open adoption and we welcome all of our daughters biological family! They visit and call us anytime they like. Our daughter is not confused but very secure in all of it! Nicole


MomaB - July 9

If there is anyone else who is going through this please email me [email protected] I could use someone to talk to. People looking to adopt please do not email. i need time and space to think. - July 9

MomaB, We have posted to your comment regarding our desire to adopt. I see your post from today and truly want to respect your privacy in what we know is an extremely difficult time. We did however, just want to let you know that no matter the decision - follow your heart and until then and after we will keep you in our thoughts and prayers. You are very brave to be considering alternatives as you are. There are many Birthmother sites and forums that you may want to look into for guidance from people who have been where you are now. Google search "birthmothers", and look for discussion groups. All the best, KellyandBeth


To MomaB - July 10

You should seriously consider an effective birth control method as much as adoption. I think you are way too young to be saddled with three kids. You can't imagine what you're in for.


nicole and amy - August 6

we just wanted to let you know that we are both looking into adoption and think that it is a brave thing for yo to do. it means that you want what is best for your baby and are just trying to be a good mom. we are both willing to go through an open adoption process so that you could still have contact with your child and know everything about it. so please consider us when reading more adoption info! contact us at: [email protected] THANKS!!!!



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