Anyone Else Sick All The Time I Dont Mean M S

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Cassie06 - May 22

I dont know what it is about being pregnant, but I am sicker now than I have ever been before!! I am sick today and finally just got up for a little bit--my head hurts, my throat hurts, and I lost my voice. I have had 3 lung infections, 2 extremely bad yeast infections, strep, and the flu. Not to mention add that to the leg cramps, back pain, nausia, heartburn, etc that comes with pregnancy! I have never gotten this many illnesses in a short period of time in my life!! Why is this?? Anyone else experiencing this?


midnight_drift - May 22

Yes! I am! I got really sick for a whole week, probably an infection but there wasn't anything they could give me. I took claritin (allergy meds) Cause it was the ONLY thing I could take!!!!! And I'm always in pain and sick sick sick sick sick plus nausea!!!! I have headaches every morning, and I'm running out of tylenol! I take two every morning, and at night!!!!


confusedabit - May 27

I'm 7 weeks and 2 days and I got a cold ..stuffy nose..sore throat..just really congested and I felt ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE..I thought it finally went away but I still congested and have headaches constantly,icky leg cramps.. So yea..Its not much fun..! I hope it gets better for u (as i hope for me too! Luckily its summer lol.)


Lillie E - May 29

when you get pregnant you immune system cuts down so that your body won't reject the baby... that might be what it is, and if you had a weak immune system to begin with, i could see that being the problem. are you around a lot of sick people?


Ca__sie06 - May 29

I am 30 weeks now and trying to get over a horrible cough. Yes, I have always had a really poor immune system. I am around a lot of little kids who have about every illness possible, and I try to wash my hands a lot, avoid contact when I can, etc. but it doesnt always work!


jamie-lynn1988 - June 8

when i had kaylie i was soo sick that i ended up going alot 2 my woman's center i had alot of sore throat really bad head-aches i was horrible back then know that kaylie-marie is with me i'm sooo not getting pregnant for a while well good luck girlies ... jamie-lynn :)



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