Anyone Have A Small Frame And It Pregnant

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kait - June 15

hey guys, i am 17 and 2 months pregnant and not really showing at all but i was just wondering something. In my family all the girls are really tiny and skinny untill we reach like 40 then we blow up lol . well i am 4"11 and 98 ibs and i was just wondering if anybody was kinda like me when they were pregnant. did you guys grow a big belly??? and where you able to have a regular birth - no c- sections???? lol i know this is kinda dumb but it just seems like their is no room for a baby to grow in my tummy let alone pushing one out of me!!!!!!!!!!!!


JESS1980 - June 15

Hi Kait! I am also a small-framed person. I am 5'2 and before my pregnancy I weighed about 105. I always thought that I would look really big once I got pregnant, but I am now 31 weeks and have only gained 10 pounds. I look exactly the same except there's a bump sticking out in front of me. I have a cousin who just had a 7 pound baby...and she is the same size as me. She never got very big during her pregnancy either. Believe me....there is PLENTY of room for the baby to grow, even though it may not seem like it.


Brittany - June 15

Hey there, I'm 5'4 and was 104 before I got pregnant with my second baby. I know I seem taller but my weight was pretty low. I'm now at 123 pounds and 37 weeks pregnant. My mom is also very small and had 5 kids with no complications and never blew up hehe while pregnant. I'm still small even though I'm far along and pregnant with my second. People ask me when my due date is and I say two and a half weeks and they're like, ARE YOU SERIOUS? YOUR SO SMALL!! So I think you'll be ok, don't worry too much. Advice tho, don't eat all the empty calorie foods (fast food/chips etc.) cuz thats what makes you big, just eat well and gain the recommended 35 pounds. I haven't gained that much but it's just a guideline. Good luck!!


Lins - June 16

Hey, I am 5'1 and weigh 98 pounds I am six weeks pregnant and also wondering the same things you are , however I already seem to be showing.. I have a feeling that our babies will make room lol..


xadjektivex - June 22

Hey. Im just as worried as you are...but im 4'11 and only weighed 73 pounds when i found out i was pregnant im 13 weeks and 5 days now and since then i have gained 5 pounds. my doctor says everything will be fine and so far i have a healthy baby. i have faith that if i can do it you can too!


adensmama - June 22

I think all will be fine..i was 104 wen i first got pregnant and have never been any bigger really. I am not 29 weeks and already 122! they wanted me to gain 25 pounds but im sure i'll gain more because now is when i will really start gaining weight rapidly!


lilmomma88 - June 22

Hey i'm 5'2 and before I got pregnant I weighed I was pretty small too, I am almost 41 weeks pregnant and I now weigh almost 140. I got pretty big.. but it's not that bad , and as long as you exercise you'll go back down to normal size!


landens_mom - June 22

hey kait! i had my son when i was 17 and i weighed around105-110 lbs when i got pregnant. i got up to like 155 lbs with him and thought i'd never get it off but about 6 months after having him i weighed about 110 again. i agree with lilmomma88 make sure you excercise! good luck with everything!



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