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Natalie - October 9

heya, i am just wondering who comes on this forum who is actually pregnant. im 18 and 20 weeks along with my first baby. (dont know whether its a girl or boy yet) anyone else out there?


Shana - October 9

Hey...I am 20 years old and 16 weeks pregnant with my child. How are you doing going through this all?


Stephy - October 9

Hey ladies... I am 18 and just found out 2 weeks ago that I am pregnant...I was 6 weeks yesterday...How was everyones first trimester? Mines been a little crazy! By the way this is my first!


lauren - October 9

heya im 16 an 7 weeks along. it is draggin cause i found out so early is it dragging for any one else? wb xxxx


to Natalie - October 9

You may have more luck on the first trimster forum there all pregnant there!


Vickie - October 9

hey, im 16 and 37 weeks pregnant tommorow! cant believe it! to lauren, it gets worse im afraid! i got so bad i was counting the days! lol, but its easier when u can feel your baby and u've got a bump to cradle hehe, im gunna miss it! but also enjoy the firsat 25-30 weeks cos it gets so cramped i feel sorry for my baby shes so squished in there! and the backache and stretchmarks aren't nice but it is enjoy the early weeks! hows every1 coping? xxx


m - October 9

hello ladies still trying to see if im preggers i took a test and well lets just say last week it was - negative well still no period im two weeks late what test did u use to find out u were?


Villie - October 9

I am pregnant as well. I am 33 and four weeks pregnant. I'll send some good karma your way.


Anna - October 9

im 16 weeks pregnant and im 17 years old but ill be 18 in 4 months.


*Samantha* - October 10

Hey. I am 17 (until April) and I am 16 weeks and 6 days pregnant as of today! How is everything for you guys?


Marlene - October 10

Hi I'm 19 and almost 17wks pregnant. I find out the s_x oct 28th.Goodluck to everyone


Adriana - October 10

i'm 15 and 32 weeks pregnant with a boy. if anyone has any questions or just wants to talk email at [email protected]


Ayesha - October 11

I am 18 and pregnant with 2nd child. Have a 2 year old daughter already.


boo - October 11

i'm 6mos, scared, and trying to hide it from my family. i need help


sammie - October 11

Hi Boo, I'm also pregnant. 28 weeks and very afraid too. I live in Utah. Where do you live?


boo - October 11

i live in ohio. have youtold your family yet? i'm not going to.


Heather - October 11

I'm 18 and five months. I'm having a little boy and naming him Tyler William. Everyone on here should tell their parents. How can you hide it from them seriously? My parents were so hurt , mad, and dissapointed but they still love me. And they deciced to help me. Plus there's so many options. Pregnancy centers have sooo many resources to help you be able to care for your baby.



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