Anyone Placing Their Baby For Adoption

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Scared/alone - December 6

I'm placing and want to know if there is anyone in the same situation. It has been a real painful journey and its not over yet. I don't want to do this alone.


lily ann - December 6

hi i am in the same situation i am 21 weeks pregnant with twins, two boys- my bf stuck around for a month after i told him then he ran off wiv 1 of ma mates i am 18 and cant cope with two children i am so scared and have never felt more alone in ma life. i was on the pill when i got pregnant. how old are you and where are u from i am in th uk


To Scared - December 6

Hi, How much longer before your baby is due? Do you have any emotional support? Have you already chosen a family for your baby?


Harriet - December 7

Hey, im 18, im 24weeks pregnant and me and my bf are always arguing. im sure he's going to p__s off, but i dont know what to do? i cant handle a baby on my own..


Scared/alone - December 7

My boyfriend and his family moved away. I was supposable a bad influence on him. He wanted to have s_x...not that I didn't but i was content to wait. But anyways. My family is not specking to me and I have no one to talk too. The girls at school think it is cool. I think this is shameful. I don't want to be pregnant now. I had a family all picked out when they decided they couldn't parent a half black and half white baby. Go figure. I'm afraid that there will be no parents to love my baby because of his color. I don't know what to do. Good luck to you all in the journey. Adoption is not easy but I can't see me being a good parent at the age of 16. I'm 27 weeks today. only 3 month left (13 weeks). I live in Florida. talk to you all later I have to help with dinner. bye.


marci - December 7

I just read your post. I just wanted to let you know that there are thousands of couples that would love to have a child that is mixed. Please do not give up.



im sorry to here of the situation you are in i cant belive the family you found did not want the baby because it is half black and white that just makes me mad this a baby we are talking about i swear peopel need to grow up. Im sorry to here your family is not talking to you eaither, just hang in there. Have you found another family yet? You have to belive in your self and keep telling your self if i keep the baby i will be a good mom. I would love to talk to you more about the chance of adopting your baby if you want to because i cant have my own childern and race is not a proble to me skin is only a color and no matter what black. white or purple we are all peopel its not whats on the outside its whats on the inside that counts. I dont want you to think im trying to adopt your baby im just saying if you have not found another family i would love to talk to you. and to every one else on here i wish you the best of luck and keep your heads up there is a light at the end of the tunnel. shelly


FROM SHELLY - December 7

sorry i forgot to give you my email address its [email protected] if you want to talk i know this must be hard for you but you have a friend now you can talk to if you want or if anyone else needs someone to talk to please feel free to eamil me because everyone needs someone they can talk to



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