Anyone Pregnant

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Mummy2Be - October 23

hi, there are lots of people who aren't sure if they are pregnant, but are there any teens out there who are more than halfway thru there pregnancy? im 38 weeks nearly 39! can't believe it! lol, wb xxx


?? - October 23

so what are you asking?? it's too late for birthcontrol, or to close your legs!!!


Mummy2Be - October 23 asking if there is ne1 pregnant here whos is keepin the baby.. and is in the same situation as me..xx


Suzan - October 24

hey mummy im 35 weeks on Thursday. how old are you? is this your first child? what are you having a boi or girl? is the father involved or does your family help? im 18, this is my second child..i had my first 3mths shy of 16. there both bois and they have the same father which is half anf half right now and my family helps..last night they threw me a suprise baby shower and wow i was suprised! soo are you anxious that labor and delivery will be soon? its not as scary as people make it out to be :-) i know what you mean all ive seen on here are people who might be pregnant or whos trying to kill their baby! but dont let them get to you just like the other person that posted on here just brush em off well i have to go for now


ashlee - October 24

im 16 and im pregnant and im keeping the baby but my ex-boyfriend we hate each other and he said u better get a miscarriage but im keeping the baby i told him her better kiss my black a$$.


Mummy2Be - October 25

hi suzan and ashlee =) im 16 and 39 weeks pregnant, its a girl! its def my first lol, and the baby daddy is invovled he's more excited than me bless him :P im soo scared about labour, i started to dilate on tues last week and the contractions were 5-6 mins apart then they stopped :'( i was gutted :( but im hoping sumthin happens soon! xxx


Private Sekxi - October 25

Heyy! Im 15. I might be preggy. I was preggy with twins not too long ago. Then I lost them at 12 weeks. Were trying again = ( Hopefully it turns out 6 neg. preggy tests. I think its i tested too early. Im now at least 1 month 1 week without a period. And Its never been late before, So im pretty sure I am preggy. I know my man will be there to support me all the way. Hes Awesome!! Were very excited. Weither or not to tell my parents is a diff story. Lol! = ) I will deff. keep it. I <3 to have a baby.


CAROL - October 25

Private, if you don't have the testicular fort_tude to tell your parents you are pregnant, praythee, why are you doing this? Use a condom? What a silly suggestion... I figure you are on your parents insurance, so perhaps you should find out whether or not you are pregnant before you start going to the doctor's on their insurance and them finding out that way.


Mummy2Be - October 25

CAROL; i know you've had alotta c___p from ppl on this forum, but are you preg, or are u tryin or just interested in pregnancy, how old r u ect ect? Private..good luck with the testing, whatever the outcome i thinkull be fine, but i think u shud reconsider trying to get preg, there was a reason u lost ur twins, maybe ur body isn't ready..lotsa love xx


CAROL - October 25

I had a positive pregnancy test last week, confirmed by my doctor over the weekend. I am due ine June '06. I just turned 15, but feel a bit more like I'm twice that age.


Mummy2Be - October 25

lol, i know what you mean, well being pregnant has really forced me to grow up an awful lot, 9 months ago i was the normal 15 yr old, now im 16, a mum to be and a totally different person! hows everythin going for u, u excited about the whole pregnancy thing? its amazing actually :) xx


CAROL - October 25

I am excited, of course, but there are more pressing matters on my mind, such as my schooling, my business, and my writing. I'm sure my pregnancy will be much more prominent (ha HA!) in my mind when there is physical evidence of it. As of now, all I have is the occasional queasies and sore b___sts, nothing different than what I'd have before my period though. I'm hoping to accelerate my studies and graduate by spring, so I can have time to relax before the birth of my child.



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